Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Okay so here's the deal....I have a cold, I am working in an office for which I don't care to actually work here since I'm a temp, I want a holiday - after 3 months of employment it feels like a lifetime again...

where is my rich old man willing to hook a girl up for the rest of her life?
When did I give up on that brillian plan? Instead its looking more and more like I am becoming entrenched in the middle class idle time life style that emphasizes money and ownership over all else. I guess its the easiest thing to do considering that I'm insanely lazy.

christ its been over a month since I ever even though to look at - up date this damned blog anyway. Lord knows how long it has been since I've even updated the journal.

I actually should be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of this blog... approximately one year ago I began to post my mindless self-indulgent ramblings on this place. I haven't really gotten anywhere fast. Babies have been born, I've broken and healed myself; been laid off then hired again....Hmmm I guess pretty interesting in fact.

Europe was fun, having a man now is even more fun...(I get to play evil tricks on him - and its even more fun when he goes along with it...ahahahah) I miss those who are gone (died/left/moved on) but I'm enjoying those whom have stayed behind. Marriages are coming around the bend...and no real ideal of why in the heck they are all rushing off to pay more in taxes to the government. odd.