Monday, July 07, 2008


I cannot be held responsible for my:
  • blatant disregard for gravity.
  • painful displays of public loudness.
  • outbursts of impertinent nature.
  • expelling of internal organs on the sidewalk.
  • whiplash mood swings.
  • potential fondling of inanimate objects.
  • inappropriate announcements of undying affection to strangers.
I do accept full responsibility for:
  • The humming vibration of pain coming from my eyelashes.
  • The taste in my mouth that makes me believe that I made-out with the business end of a sheepdog.
  • The embarrassing stories that are inevitably going to come forward about all above stated disclaimers.
  • The fact that I drank like a 20-something, while obviously a 30-something.
  • I knew I had to go to work today, and actually work - but did it anyway.
All that said - thank you to my friends for coming out and participating in my painful dissent into public displays of drunken-ness. It was a rare one - but I think (as I can't say I rightly remember) that we all had a good time. And we should go back again... next week, and do it all over - as the rest of the day was still a win (at least for me...)

I'm never drinking again.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

From the tortured souls who are addicted:

To Xbox 360…..

I know I suffer myself.
My loved one has fallen prey to the horrible green glow of the monster that is Xbox 360. He is unfortunately not alone. I suspect that it may be a family trait, as his often calm cousin has also succumbed to the horror himself.
Although there is a glimmer of hope as at least his cousin has managed to wrangle himself from the grips of the monster. Despite his near lapse - he is still '360 free' after 21 days.
Hereafter is his account of his encounter:
"Hi my name is Sterling and I have gone 21 days with playing the 360.
I almost had a relapse last night. But I fought the temptation. The 360's siren call had me in it's grasp, I had the hard supple plastic of the wireless controller in my hand and it felt good. The green glow of the 360 powering up had me hypnotized. Then the power went out. "
Thank god for poor power connections (and the over use of power strips in an old house… )