Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm not there yet...but It never hirts to try

You'll see that I've finally given in and posted an ad link on the page. Now I have many internet friends who have done the same, and it can definetly change the feel and look of a blog when its done wrong. I only hope that I've managed to do it right.

Essentially this was another attempt to try and cash in on my fame on the "internets"...even though I know that I am the only one who reads my own stuff. (and occasionally I might get a comment from a passer-by) Irrespective of that, and my infinite patience with the internet to come round and realize my greatness...(i won't be holding my breath on that one) I've decided that it couldn't hurt to try, and I really like google...and so then the decision really became a 'why not?'

so there you have it.

i'm probably also going to start to fiddle with the layout a bit more too...possibly. I've been considering taking a flash course so that I can finally realize my dream of having my own personal URL....with nifty flash pages and everything. Speaking of Cool sh*'ll want to check out tokyo . All I can say's is god damned their stuff is cool!!! especially make sure that you watch the Drum machine...freakin awesome. (you can see it though the main menu)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've just gotten back

From where...I dunno. actually that's a lie. I went on vacation for a few days, had to get some R&R and instead got lots of sleepless nights and a horrible sunburn all over. Whod'a thunk that me (caramel-y gal that I am) would be so stupid to get sunburned...well I did.

I blame the lack of sleep...that and possibly the warm weather. Regardless I managed to get horribly sunburned on my chest, arms and back. So badly in fact that I didn't really sleep at night - it hurt too damned much to stay in one place. For some reason no amount of pain-killers seemed to do the trick either... and tossing didn't help. Anyway for your amusement I've attached a photo here...Poor sunburned 'ol Me (courtesy of my account...which I would suggest that you get when you get the chance...since it's free) The really good one of me looking really pathetic has majically managed to become curropted so I don't have it to share.

Its an odd pic I'll admit... but you have to recognize that I am not normally so stupid as to burn myself intentionally. Anway... did have a good time, got the chance to brush up on some spanish... and learn new and interesting ways to embarass myself in a foreign all in all it was a good time.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

PAYDAY!!! whoo hoo

What can I say. My favorite day of the week... although it is going to actually be tomorrow, thankfully my company pays me a day early(so that it actually processes tomorrow...)

anyway the point is that I'm always dismayed by the difference between my "Gross" Salary ( i guess gross to my employer because they think it's horrible to pay a little fuzzy haired, red-headed stepchild like myself....) and my "Net" salary (again i suppose the only stuff that I could actually catch with my flimzy electronic 'net' of information.

anyway...took nearly 1/2 of the salary. always a bummer.

truthfully this post was more for my friend "big" dave.... I didn't see any comment on this blog...are you sure it was me?

anyway... have fun kids...'cause I sure aint.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Google Video (Beta) - Video Upload Program

Google Video (Beta) - Video Upload Program

All's I can say is "Cool!"

Britney Spears - Preggers!

Now isn't that just the scariest thing that you've never wanted to hear. Mr. Skank-o-line, Mrs. Shake-her-money-maker-o-line are having a little oily one.


I'm really praying that they grant the kid emacipation when she's able to walk and talk on his/her own. Then maybe s/he will have a half decent chance at being a 'normal' human...instead of oily/slutty- spawn

Friday, April 01, 2005

ThinkGeek :: iCopulate

Just when you thought that geeks couldn't be more looser-ish... long came iCopulate, and blew that whole notion out of the playground.
From the website Think Geek:
"Now your iPod® can get some action and do direct data transfers at the same time! Here's how it works. Simply apply a dab of the included iLube© onto the dock connector of your iPod® and slip it into one end of the iCopulate's™ latex sleeve. Find another consenting iPod® in the vicinity and deftly insert it into the opposite end of the sleeve."

Uh. Yeah. I didn't think it could be done, but it was. Geeking out, just got even dirtier than I ever expected. This is "just" this side of PG- Shouldn't-be-seen-outside-of-the-home, and a little more than "Mommy! I need my mommy!" Of course everybody knows that most geeks have got the market cornered on online prOn, so therefore this should be a surprize. Nor should there be any head-scratching on P2P methods for music. But I just never thought that anyone would find a way to so oddly fuse them together. You know the kicker? it's the pink latex "sheath" that they had to put the device in. That's what's put it over the top for me. The could have forgone all the sleaze-u-endo, but then it wouldn't be nearly as much fun then would it?
No matter how cool this seems, I think I'll pass on this one.

I'll just "borrow" my music the good 'ole fashioned way.