Thursday, October 16, 2003

another baseball season comes to a close and the same damn team always makes to the playoffs. I wonder if it ever seems as boring as it actually is to the rest of the world. hmm.

talking to myself again. Its an awful habit I've re-acquainted myself with. Things have been going along swimmingly...Pippo got a job and a working visa. he'll be returning at the end of October for the holidays. Its good to know that he'll be coming back after the scare that he gave us last week. Very suddenly and incredibly breifly he tried to slip out of sight without anyone knowing where in the hell he was going to. We only JUST got the chance to get in a send-off under the wire before he fled the coop. Not very nice of him.

however it is a good sign. It is also an auspicious sign that Ken got a job as well. Over a year and a half of nothing and he got an offer. Its not definite but it is definitely promising. You have to be hopeful otherwise there is no way that you can survive that kind of torment. Besides....EOP works in his favor. Most companies would kill to have an intelegent black man as an employee. (not necessarily loyal mind you - and rightfully so considering the prior hell he went through with his previous employers.)

so things are looking up. I am making a good impression...and if my memory serves me there was mention by my predicessor that she might not return after the birth of her child. I'm hopeful that she will NOT return if only because I like having a paycheck. I like having a job to go to. I like having co-workers again. And although the work is not necessarily saving anyones is satisfying nonetheless.

Friday, October 10, 2003


I was drunk, but obviously not so drunk as to post. Never a good idea. It is the equivalent of a drunken phone call. Incoherent and rambling. Although much more fun because now there is evidence of your stupidity. HA.

I am happy - and this is terribly rare...its meant to explain the absence of posts...When I'm happy I tend to get wrapped up in it. and that is not necessarily such a bad thing - it just means that my life becomes mundane in the meantime.

that and this is really just a segway before I get rip-roaring drunk tonight...

yay for international cronies who love to drink as much as I.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I'm unplugged. I'm wireless. I'm actually it doesn't make a difference.

- I'm sitting in front of my TV watching SNL in hopes of seeing an Internet star a star...and Jack Black.
Damn he's funny..although I really am not wathcing because I'm busy being drunken and not laughing so I'm not sure what to make of this year's SNL cast

Friday, October 03, 2003

Okay in an effort to show that I am somewhat inclined to being hip (okay keep the sniggering down you!)
I am now happily plugging along on the web when I encounter a new voice.

ernie halter.

he's good.

AND he's white...although until I saw a picture I was CONVINCED that he had some flava to savaahh...

Now I normally don't ever expect to find good stuff on even I know that my Bathroom voice should never be heard outside the shower. Nevertheless he has a real talent and musicanship that anyone could appreciate. I gotta give my props since I ducked out of the singing gig and am now exclusively maligned to the Birthday singing and Windows-UP car singing.

so now That I've sufficently last one...go to and download some songs...

that and

I got a new tooooyyyy/bright and shiiinnnnyy new toooyyy
and I'm gonna play it till myyyy batteries diiiiieeeee!

*skips away frantically * - aren't YOU Jealous of my new iPod?!?!? Ain't it sexy?!?!?!