Thursday, November 03, 2005

I've been fish-hooked...

You ever notice that when you least expect it, you find that you get hooked into whatever the popular meme is for the day?

I have prided myself on trying so damned hard not being part of the main-stream, simply because I have never been considered, nor could ever really be accepted as part of the american mainstream...regardless, what I mean to say is that I'm getting swept up in the whole shebang just as much as the next person.

Sure I couldn't be happier that lewis "scotter" libby has been indicted.(although we'll have to have a discussion why a grown man would insist on being called "scooter") And I should be doing backflips about the fact that the republican party is in a backslide...and believe me I'm chuffed... but what I can't escape is this purely San Franciscian mind-set of "its too expensive to live here-syndrome"

At this rate all the radicals will be chased out, and we'll be left with Sans Colored-Folk-isco. its depressing. what was once a town where "people" lived is quickly becoming a sanitized version of itself. I miss the Market/Polk street night-time strip of hookers, trannies, pushers and pimps. I miss the fact that on the weekend the city belonged to the working class folk who had to stay nearby to where they worked simply because they didn't have transportation.

its not the same now. I want it all back. but I can't have it. I've been looking into buying a home. That once was a possibilty...maybe for my mother, but most certianly NOT for me. There is no chance in hell that this market will ever slow down, there is simply only so much you can build on in a 7x7 square mile area. What is really killing me is the fact that I might be forced to move to surburbia simply because its what I can afford, not because I want to escape the vaguaries of the city. I love the dingy-ness, the reality, the general slime that is san francisco (although that is quickly depeleting as well.)

Another thing...(and I know that I've ranted about this before, but your fault for reading) The median income in san francisco to qualify for Assistance for a first time home buyer is approximately $113k a year. Can you believe that bullshit?

its enough to make a girl scream. And the worst part about it, I shouldn't even be thinking about this bullshit. but I am because someone somewhere put this damned bug in my ear about buying a home and somehow it's managed to get stuck. There isn't much that I can do now but pine. or whine..or both.