Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oh Dear God!!!

what in the hell did I do this to myself for? For a life time I thought that I would be done with help desk - yet I've managed to torture myself again with the pointless - life sucking; soul depleting issues of no one in particular. This is effing ridiculous.

- okay so I'm on the rag, but still 10 calls in one day from the same person about the same fucking thing. e-mail. fucking e-mail. who the fuck needs e-mail anyway. On top of all that bullshit I just found out not too long ago that they fucking put god-damned big brother effing software on my god damned work computer. So fuck you fucking big fucking brother. Fuck you and your fucking higer ground morality in trying to suffocate me into working to god-damned long of a fucking work day - force me into a fucking hole of a work space and then trow fucking screaming cats at me all day long with their god-damned talons out stretched looking for any fucking excuse to claw me to fucking bits.

fuck you.

but keep the checks coming. :D