Monday, February 28, 2005

wierd news

so Okay, you may have noticed (for the more astute of you in the crowd) that ComicCon was the week before last. I got it wrong...sorry..

other wierd news, my grandpa is on "death watch.' his doctor believes that he may have ruptured his abdomen. I'm not entirely sure that was even possible, however considering that he is may in fact be possible.

regardless, I am not entirely sure how to feel about it. Back in October my grandma died, just last month my great aunt died (his sister) so may be it's time...

I don't know... this dying stuff always is tough.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

ComicCon - SF

So for all of those of you who care to know. You'll get the once in a life time opportunity to go and see my daddy, Don Pedro Colley, and possibly acquire a private stock edition of THX1138 from him in person!!!

***** shameless plug

Aside from that, my dad is visiting for the Comicon convention. It should be really "interesting" I have to admit that when I went last year I got a little freaked out by all of the "kids" in costume. It was a little freaky to be honest when walking through the giant Moscone mall seeing a 20-something Amazoinan woman dressed all in blue, and had blue facepaint (all over - literally all over....) So go and see him.... okay. and buy his stuff. and tell him how much you love his daughter!

Monday, February 14, 2005

f*%k you

f--k you
Originally uploaded by Romy Romy.
- the one we were always looking for in that batch of shitty candies. Inevitably we never found it... until now. There are sooo many people that I can think of whom are deserving of this one in particular, but they shall remain nameless. (Brian... - oops. sorry.)

but all bitterness aside, its still a chalky candy treat for those less fortunate.


Pimpy - VD card

Pimpy - VD card

whateva can I say, yo ....its all been said before.

so Have a happy VD.

(and don't be slouchin on my time.)

I loves you baby -

- from yo Pimp mamma!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another example of SF's Bad ideas....

I was out bar hopping last night, and while crossing Fulton St. was struck dumb by this horrible sight. Now I don't know if the real horror of this comes across as viscerally as it does in person. So, if you get the chance and you live in San Francisco - drive by and laugh/cry/ scratch your head at the 'genius' who decided that it would be a lovely valentine treat to bathe San Francicos City Hall in red back lighting.

Now normally this is a good idea for modern - like structures. there are many examples of this being well applied. As an example - the Empire state building... Now notice that the choice of lighting makes a very impressive image on the skyline. Part of the reason why is that it is a simple modern structure that emphasizes the poweful straight lines that reach to the sky. It does look strangely like it's right out of Fritz Lang's Metropolis... Yet it is still an impressive building. The lighting in this case, is an example of lighting that is used effectively to draw attention to the angular nature that is skyscrapers.

My point? Neo - classical buildings built in the gothic style, should NOT be bathed in red lights! It is the farthest thing from romantic. I say that I was dumbstruck when I saw it, truth be told I jumped a little when I did see it. For a minute I though that maybe I should run to the closest Church and have them douse me in Holy water.

If anything, red lighting on City hall makes it look like it's been attacked by Vampires, or blood hungry seer-suckers who are out to bleed the city of San Francisco dry.

wait a minute... it's city hall. I suppose they already are. Nevermind.

Friday, February 04, 2005

RIP: Ossie Davis

as he lived in life, he will be remembered for his great talent and warm disposition. I was lucky enough to meet him once, and he made me feel like I had found the perfect example of a man. Intellegent, rambunctious, caprcious... the list goes on and on.

I as always am saddened when a talented person leaves us.

Your talents will never be forgotten. Thank you

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm tired of this

You know that tired feeling. I call it the mid-winter slump. Tired of the weather, tired of the drudgery, just generally tired of it being anything but what you'd really prefer to be doing.

I bring it up, because a good friend just ended her lucrative contract with a big kitchen utensil retail company. Instead of being upset by it, managed instead to turn it into a positive thing. She's going to europe for two weeks to be with friends, then when she comes back, will start a new job with a huge medical corporation. It's been called low-intesity combat.

I guess that I'm saying that I'm really missing being a contractor. I get to go whenever I want, and there is no love-loss because I don't have to buy into the b-s that is corporate culture within a company. I suppose that it could also be that long dark days are starting to give way to more light. I think it may be me just trying to shed my winter coat and inside I'm aching for the spring to come around.

It could also be that I'm not made out for the office cube life. I happen to think that no one is really made for the cubicle lifestyle. "The Office life." It doesn't really feel like much of a life. You talk to any person in almost any other country (with the exception of western europe) and they think what we do is silly. Ridiculious even. Living does not require that you are able to sit on your ass for 8 hours straight. Humans weren't built for that. Subsitence farming, living life on a smaller scale, it just seems to make so much more sense. Much more sense than trying to "look busy" while sitting, stairing blankly at my computer.