Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This season...learn how to Stick-it! to the MAN

Brought to you, courtesy of Packard Jennings.

This Holiday season, you will probably find yourself at the local mall. (Be honest...you practically live there.) So this year instead of spending up all of your hard earned cash on baubles and bric-a-brac that will eventually get tossed...why not revolutionize! A wonderful pamphlet that pictorally helps every revolutionary, even the budding revolutionary, in their quest to Stick it to the Man! with simple how to's, it can be used in any language, for really any occasion. It is a great money saver, and you can get that great , warm family feeling when you and all your family come together to burn down the money-syphoning mall, in an effort to help your local shop owners. A great gift, Just in time for the Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms

I came across this link from one of my favorite places: boingboing.net I didn't think much of it at first, until I looked at their free stuff. Then that's when everything got a little strange:
The creator of the website is a legal eagle, and trumpets the Bill of Rights, and most of what he says is correct. But its the application that scares me...for example: Everyhouse hold should have a Hitler target ring!

And to help that parent who struggles to teach their child the "fun of a gun" there is always "Brasco the Liberty Bear" which s a coloring/alphabet book! Get your own copy here to share tonight with your kids! Wowie Wow!(read with much sarcasm) Some of my favorites are:

"D is for DIALING – Sometimes dialing 9-1-1 can be useless! Did you know the police don’t have to answer your call for help?1 The police can’t always show up to stop a criminal as soon as you call. Parents who love their children protect them and do not rely on the police. Your parents’ guns are good to protect you from bad people, but you must never touch a real gun without your parents’ permission."

J is for JAPANESE – The Japanese government, with the help of bad people in America, want to take away your right to own and enjoy guns. They tell people that America should be more like Japan, where the people can’t own guns. They don’t tell people that in Japan, people can be held in prison without food or water until they
confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

K is for “Gun Control” KILLS KIDS – Evil politicians have passed laws that make schools unsafe. Your parents are not allowed to carry a gun near a school to protect you from bad people. This bad law makes it possible for bad people to hurt or even kill you. Some government officials and evil politicians really like this law."

I would just like to state, for the record...(being a jew myself) Talmudic (Jewish) law discourages the use of firearms for anything other than the use of a livelyhood. Basicaly survival purposes only.

So unless the bear is a cannibal, he's really a big oxymoron.

That, and the bear is not wearing any pants with his belt.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Black Lois Lane

I came across this DC Comic Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #106 I am curious (BLACK)! from a link that was orginially posted in Boingboing.net. I did some research, in hopes of finding a copy, only to find out that was orignally published in 1958. Which means that any lingering copies of said comic were probably burned, destroyed, or are probably locked away in someone's adolecent (and forgotten) trunk. I was able to find an article in MillionairePlayboy.com, with some pictures and a plot. What follows is an excerpt:
"The cover depicts Lois Lane placed into a machine. Superman flips a switch and Lois magically transforms into a black woman for 24 hours.
The story begins with Lois assigned to do a story on Metropolis's urban area that Lois refers to Little Africa. It seems that all black people refuse to submit to an interview done by Miss Whitey. Young children, old blind ladies, and even people on the street hate white people. With Superman's help Lois is placed inside the Plastimold and the Transformoflux Pack invented by Dahr-Nel, Kryptonian Surgeon."

Part of me wants to laugh out loud, another cry with shame. But I can't. It was 1958. Whitey was scared. They had every right to be. We were planning the revolution at the time, and nothing seemed right. Everyone was suspicious. Especially white reporters? (...ha!) Regardless, it makes me want to pull out my Dashiki and head wrap. The story goes on to come to a peaceful resolution where the once outspoken revolitionary, takes a liking to the Nubian Lois is accidentally shot while trying to break up a street fight. (As there are many fights in "Little Africa" - lest we forget.) Superman swoops in to save the day, and scoops up both our young revolutionary and our Nubian Lois. While at the (black) hospital, we find that there isn't enough blood, but luckilyLois has his same blood type. Since we humans are all essentially red and fleshy...she offers up a pint. The conclusion of the story is harmony- we're all the same inside. I get that. You couldn't have hit me harder over the head with that idea if you tried.

My only problem is...well...I guess I really don't have a problem with this. I think I need to sit down. Take a minute and think this over...there must be something wrong here.......

I'll have to get back to you on this.

UPDATE> okay...so I've had some time to think on it. Still not happy with the conclusion. My reasons? The onus of racism is deflected. The whole point is oversimplified to "they hate us" NOT "they fear us...and for good reason" OR even something that might be "they hate us, because of what we did to them." That and the story is trite, and stereotypical. Although I do like the fact that the artist made Lois look better as a black woman...(an increase in bust size, more hips, and of course 'black' lips) maybe he had some jungle fever? Regardless, the resolution ISN'T a real resolution. In fact I'd say that it's Superman to save the day yet again - let's get whitey to help us out....
Then again I may just be expecting far too much from a comic book from 1958.

Death of the VHS

(as noted by the BBC)
b.1978 - d. 2004/'05

oh well..so it goes...
First it was the 8-track to the tape, then tape to the CD, then betamax to VHS, now VHS to DVD. I only wonder what's next...'cause it's only appearing to get harder and harder to bootleg...
(Only joking RIAA/MPAA!)

cheba hut!

cheba hut

mmmm...I've got some serious munchie action. - thank god someone aside from cheetos is deciding to profit off of stoners!

Monday, November 22, 2004

The things we learn on the internets,

Using a Brita Water Filtration System to Filter cheap vodka!

World famous Popov Vodka (TM) is a household favorite, if only because of its general cheapness. This lovely vodka can be purchased at a low low price of $11.99 at the local corner liquor spot.

Thankfully to the ingenious access of the inter net...I can now save my self some nice change and use my brita water filter to save me some extra ducketts. Now Although I do love the harsh, (oh so harsh) kick of an unfiltered vodka ...I'm willing to bet that the simple charcoal filters of a lovely brita filter will do just the thing. Thankfully the wonderful people of ohmygoditburns.com took the initiative to find out.

thank you internets, thank you for allowing a cheap drunk, get drunker...cheaper.

UPDATE! I tried this myself...filtering approximately 8 oz of Popov Vodka on 11/20/04...here's the deal:

The vodka still smells like rubbing alcohol.
This, I believe, is from the original 'rushed' distillation of said vodka.
However after 5 consecutive filtrations...the vodka was really quite pleasant. There was no god awful aftertaste, AND there was NO hangover to the next day..(just some minor groggy ness.)

Still for those of us cheap drunks we've now come to a conundrum. Do you go out and buy lots of cheap liquor in hopes of it saving you money...but end up drinking alone, in your apartment, in your underwear, the night eventually ending up with you sobbing or passed out, or do you go to a bar and hope to pray on you lasting good looks and charm to get you free drinks.....Oh the perils of either.

Geek Tattoos....WTF?!

Geek Tatoos... courtesy of Boingboing

uh....not sure what to make of this...I know that you may want the world to know that you're a blackbelt programmer or coder...but this may be taking it JUST a smidge this side of insanity to have it inked onto your body.

just a thought....Maybe it would be better to try and show it in not such *ahem* permanent ways.

Friday, November 19, 2004

frontline: is wal-mart good for america? | PBS

frontline: is wal-mart good for america? | PBS

Highly reccomended watching. I'm a big fan of small local buisnesses, hence they are the lifeblood of small towns and tend to provide a higher quality of life for the surrounding areas...that and unlike a Wal-Mart, Target, or K-mart/Sears they produce an eighth of the industrial waste... the fact that it's so bad that even Southpark has gone on to create a show about it should mean something...

The fact that it, and other retailers have the strange focus specifically at the consumer has made a massive change in the way buisnesses are now tied to the fickle desires of the individual.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

MSNBC - Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

MSNBC - Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

The “Boyfriend Arm’s Pillow” is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.

The almost life-size boyfriend pillow is the product of the Japanese bed linen maker, Kameo Corp., located in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. The company already sold more than 1,000 pillows since its launch last year. It costs $80 dollars (8,500 yen) and is currently only sold in Japan on the Internet....

uh yeah. ok. I can almost accept this idea...

wait. No. I can't. Not for $80.

But if you can't wait for yours...you can purchase it here

Monday, November 08, 2004

You may have noticed some changes...

If there is anyone out there other than myself whom reads this with any regularity...Well I've made some minor changes.

If you remember I'm a big fan of Firefox. I'd suggest that you download it right away and use IT instead of Internet Explorer. Less hassle, less mess, and less likely that you'll have your life savings stripped from you. (If you're cautious.) so yeah...get firefoxed!

Friday, November 05, 2004

A great Convo with a Londoner.

kizzy: oy
PaddyWop: yo
PaddyWop: how's it going?
kizzy: still a little depressed...btw saw the Daily Mirror...effing hilarious
PaddyWop: yeah
kizzy: still not my president.
kizzy: I didn't vote for him
PaddyWop: the Independent had "Four More Years" and pictures of Abu Graib, missiles, dead Iraqi civilians
kizzy: Grrrreaat!
PaddyWop: the Guardian just had "Oh, No" and nothing else on the cover..
PaddyWop: there are very few things I'm "proud" of in the UK, and one is the quality and freedom of our press
PaddyWop: I'm still in shock
kizzy: ha. i'm feeling sooo much better about your freedom of the press
kizzy: i think I told you i cried...
kizzy: all day Wednesday
PaddyWop: nobody in Europe understands the US anymore...we just don't get it
PaddyWop: I almost did and I'm not even American!
kizzy: its not me, nor is it 55,949,407 million others...
kizzy: remember he only won the popular vote by the slimmest of margins
PaddyWop: he still won it though
PaddyWop: which he didn't in 2000
PaddyWop: which means that after four years of him fucking up the world he is now more popular in America
PaddyWop: which is deeply horrifying
kizzy: no - there are just more frightened sheep
kizzy: he and his administration have done a great job scaring the shit out of middle america
kizzy: when those of us on the coasts have more to fear from being terrorized
PaddyWop: yes, why are they frightened though? why are they so fucking stupid and ignorant? what's wrong with them?
kizzy: general fear...
PaddyWop: you're right - who's going to bomb fucking Kansas??
kizzy: you have to remember unlike you guys...
kizzy: we've never been attacked on our shores before 9/11/01
kizzy: you have had several thousands of years of attacks...us...maybe 3
PaddyWop: sure and now that you have and you have a president whose foreign policy is the very cause of terrorism in the first place you vote for him again
PaddyWop: I mean "you" of course
PaddyWop: sure
PaddyWop: but even a 10-year-old will tell you that bombing the fuck out of Iraq for no real reason is going to make Arabs very unhappy
kizzy: uh...yah. I voted for that halfwit dumbfuck
kizzy: durh....you're thinking rationally
PaddyWop: that's the bit that I don't get that some people don't understand
kizzy: when your freaked the fuck out - you tend NOT to think rationally
PaddyWop: and if it's because they're all born-again Christians, then they're a scary fucking bunch
PaddyWop: true, true, you're right, there's a lot be said for manipulative propaganda from the government
PaddyWop: but 60 million people scared shitless, when there are billions of people scared shitless of Bush around the world???
PaddyWop: it goes back to having access to any kind of objective press whatsoever...
PaddyWop: people watch CNN and Fox and that's what they get
PaddyWop: it's so depressing
kizzy: i don't watch tv.
kizzy: buck up little buddy
PaddyWop: and scary that so-called Christians equate Bush's evil, bloody businees-motivated machinations with some kind of greater, Christian good - really horrifying
PaddyWop: you're not the problem...
PaddyWop: if there were more of you in America we wouldn't be having this conversation
kizzy: i know.... but never fear...
PaddyWop: (unless of course you voted for Bush, which I doubt )
kizzy: My Man and I are planning the revolution
PaddyWop: I hope so!
kizzy: we will rise up and take back the nation for the people
PaddyWop: I'll join in
PaddyWop: yeeah!!
PaddyWop: si! la revolucion!!!
kizzy: and kill all the skinny blond white bitches while were at it. (american blondes only, of course.)
kizzy: just for good measure
PaddyWop: that's cool – my girl’s a brunette
PaddyWop: yeehaaaaw!
PaddyWop: do you know what depresses me the most? (and then I'll shut up)
kizzy: what?
PaddyWop: and this may sound patronizing, but I don't care...
kizzy: ok....what?
PaddyWop: after Sept 11th, I had a thin hope that something would change in America, that behind that thick cloud there would be a slim silver lining, that people would understand that the US had to back off a little, stop being this menacing eagle in international affairs and get off its high horse, realizing that, however horrible an admission, there was some possibility that terrorism might be partly its own fault, even 0.5 % and reassess its position in the world...
PaddyWop: but it looks to me like it's learned absolutely nothing and will continue to make things worse in its stubborn defiance of everyone else
PaddyWop: I guess I was naive...
PaddyWop: it's deeply saddening
PaddyWop: things will just escalate, the divides are getting bigger, more people are going to get more fucked off
PaddyWop: and it seems like the majority of the American people are happy with with this state of affairs
PaddyWop: now I'll shut up
PaddyWop: how's the weather?
kizzy: - you’ve got to believe that more than half the nation was aware
kizzy: we knew what was happening and that we were partly to blame...nevertheless
kizzy: when you're dealing with middle america
kizzy: they don't get the finer points of diplomacy
PaddyWop: yeah, I know, I don't doubt that for a minute
PaddyWop: why are you partly to blame?
kizzy: uh i'm a jew...and a Zionists
PaddyWop: right, but that’s not even the finer points of diplomacy though, it's pretty fucking basic!
PaddyWop: Wait, are you a Zionist?
PaddyWop: you must love Bush then...
PaddyWop: and his mate Sharon, although he's been a little flimsy lately, giving bits of Gaza back, hey?
PaddyWop: only jamming
PaddyWop: anyway, must go
PaddyWop: have a nice weekend
kizzy: oh ok...bye
PaddyWop: I will join you and Your man in founding the People's Republic of Northern California
kizzy: the united states of Canada...- yeah I like the PRNC.
kizzy: sounds close to PRaNC
PaddyWop: prance?
PaddyWop: that's France
kizzy: HA
PaddyWop: or how about Pacific French Territories?
kizzy: we we - But offf COurse!
kizzy: ve alvays knew vat san francisco vas french...all fairy and such as it is
PaddyWop: ok, dude, gotta go
PaddyWop: have a good one
PaddyWop: oui oui
kizzy: au revoir
PaddyWop: au revoir, mon amie!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

My roommate owns this

And I don't doubt that 49% of the nation will as well...soon enough. I just put my order in.

And comments from the british press:

Great. The rest of the world thinks we're idiots

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Best Concilliatory thoughts that I've run across so far

Taken from Chaos Digest -
  1. Repair the Democratic Party. It's clearly not competing effectively against modern Republican political tactics.
  2. Organize.
  3. Draw the line. Declare our terms. While I agree that the Democratic party platform should certainly be examined at this point, changing the core values of the party would be abandoning our chance to help set the nation's agenda.
  4. Get Constitutional. Everything above the Constitution itself can be changed through legislation, particularly if you run all three branches of government. Our only refuge against much of the Republican agenda will lay in the Constitution. Read it, know it. Learn the historical overviews of the amendments. "Separation of church and state," and "all men created equal," and "Congress shall make no law" don't go away just because the White House says so. Start reminding them. Protests, letters, support for Democratic legislative efforts, whatever you can do.
  5. Get active. If you care at all about maintaining some control over your destiny in the country, you need to become a Democratic superhero action figure.
What do we have going for us?
Brains. (We are an intellectual elite, after all.)
Money. (Paging George Soros...)
Sympathy abroad.
Sympathy at home (much less, sadly).
A fanatical devotion to the Pope.
A limited battlefield - it's only two years until the midterm Congressional elections.
A "liberal" press. (Confronted with Republicans on all sides, at least some of them might resort to being confrontational again.)
The desire to improve on the America we grew up in for our children, instead of leaving them an overt theocracy managed by a corporate kleptocracy."

Check the website for the more detailed info... but so far...at least this has allowed me the opportunity to wipe my tears away and not be quite so depressed...angry...confused...frutstrated....etc.etc.etc.

Hell on Eath is freezing over

The heaviest of the snow is in Lubbock - approximately 350 miles from Crawford TX where the president is hiding out....I think that its a sign from god. At least I'm going to take it as a sign from god - my god, NOT the god that Georgie hears in his head...I suspect that it's just dick talking to him through an earpiece. (we all know that Dick thinks that he's god...Ominous voice and all....but then again dicks tend to think they're omnipresent anyway.)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voter Alert Lines

The fact that there are already enough callers to a voter protection group to warrant a fancy-schmancy website flash page dedicated to it scares the s*it outta me. Nevermind the reports that there are bomb threats all over Pheonix, AZ causing schools, hospitals and Polling places to be shut down, or that EVERY STATE IN THE UNION has reported some form of voter fraud....

Whose ready for the revolution? 'cause I think tickets to Spain are kinda cheap right now. ¿Usted piensa que eso moviendo a España es una idea buena, no? ....Le québec est agréable cette saison aussi..

Or Maybe it's a move to the Kiwis - Always did love New Zeland....

ps. Election Protection: http://www.ourvote.com/

God Help us...every one.

This is not a joke - this photo was taken TODAY in a Santa Clara polling location. This is a camera phone image as of 9 am this morning PST. (taken from BoingBoing.net)

BB reader Brian Nicks says, Want to know what this image is? It's a picture I took with my cellphone-camera of an electronic voting machine screen. I took it today when I went down to vote for the next President of the Unites States in Santa Clara California. The screen says "Vote Save Error #9. Use the Backup Voting Procedure." A news crew was on hand to film Californians using the voting machines. I pointed to this particular screen and said "There's your story - right there. I just took a picture of the screen and plan to share it with 6.4 billion of my closest friends on the Internet tonight. I suggest you do the same." To my astonishment, the cameraman did shoot some footage of the screen, though I don't know what was shown later on television. Now that I've told you the story behind the picture, I need not mention the maelstrom of thoughts that go through my head whenever I look at it - the picture is testament enough. The next revolution will not be televised. The next revolution will be blogged.
Link to full sized image

If you experience problems like this report it immedately to VoteProblem.org The Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS) is part of a massive grassroots effort to help protect the right to vote and accurate counting of votes.

If your voting problem needs immediate attention and should not wait until after November 2, please call 1 866 OUR-VOTE (1 866 687-8683) now.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Protection Resources Page

Election Protection Resources Page

For Tomorrow - for everyone...If anyone, anywhere in the country runs into problems tomorrow, don't be silent. Report it. Not only to the Election Protection website, but to your local department of elections.

Just a side note - anyone who lives in District 5 in San Francisco -I just want to say amoungst the group of 22 individuals who want to be District 5 Supervisors - I say vote Mirikami(1), Waugh(2), Haaland(3)

also a really good Voter Guide can be found at sfbg.com