Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I hate phone spam....

But something interesting. 1. I hate, hate, hate, hate being called at inappropriate hours of the night about nothing in particular. 2. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate phone spam even more.

so I've been phone spammed. Turns out that there is this "guy" who keeps calling both my cell phone and my home phone in attempts to get me to call him back. I realize now that this is that part of a new set of scams that are now infiltrating my cell phone. Damn-it all if it hasn't happened to me.

The only reason I remembered ANYTHING about phone scams is because of 60 Minutes, and a piece they did about phone scams. Regardless now my poor little cell phone is getting rung at least once a day from a Mr. Michael Rodes/Mr. Mariani/Ms. barbara etc, etc, etc. all from a (716) 650-6240. All saying that "you need to call me, this is in regards to a very urgent legal matter" and they tell me to call a 800-695-9134.

so my "jerk-alert" went up. I'm on the whole a really good citizen, no accidents, good credit, no jail time...I know what you're thinking - it gets expunged when you turn 18 - but really I'm basically a good kid. So when I get a call saying "Call me - its an urgent legal matter!" I'm suspicious. So I did a basic google search, and came across another blogger, who was complaining of the same thing. The connection didn't take much to figure out.

I did a little more sleuthing, only to find out that the (716) phone number was for the Northern NY area - specifically Williamsville, NY. It also turns out that it is for and AT&T prepaid phone. And considering that several phone distributers are right there, and just a short drive across the border from....you guessed it Canada! It didnt' take much for me to figure out that this was a phone scam. The problem is that I'm figuring that it s a pre-paid phone, in Canada, So I'm kinda up the creek without a paddle.

So I decided to be activist in my own lazy way. I figure that I can't stop them by myself, but I that I can help someone else by at least putting this stuff out there, hopefully keeping the blogsphere safe. So when you get an automoton/pre-recorded voice telling you to "call me, it's urgent" and they are calling from a number you don't recognize don't reply. ESPECIALLY if its coming from (716) 650-6240. This is an out and out phone scam. Just hang up, and Don't let your curiousity get to you. Its not worth it.

uh. yeah. here's for civic duty.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Just blog-it, Dammit!

In this pre-Christmas, post-Thanksgiving slump, I find that I really have be half-assing everything that would normally take in my entire attention. Especially those things that I love to do. Writing letters, reading good books, being social and generally being a smart-ass.

I find that I am rushing around doing everything cock-eyed in an attempt to just have it done. You know that feeling...that exhausted but overslept idea that you really need to stop and do something else. What that something is I haven’t the damndest clue, but its that gnawing feeling at the base of your gut that makes you want to run away. or run screaming through a building with your hair wild, teeth bared and throwing feces as you pass people by. (stay with me here...)

Its this inter-holiday madness that causes that strange feeling somewhere between 'blah' and 'keep going or you're gonna crash.' I most certainly not a wintry person, at least not in my adult years. Winter was one of those times when we used to love being outside and doing nothing BUT being outside. I would have to be dragged in, against my will, with cold blue fingers and a rosy nose; Cold to the bone but couldn't be happier. I'd sit by the fire and warm my numbed toes and hold my cold and bruised bottom to the flame.

Now? now I'm in a mad rush to do anything but be here. Do anything OTHER than what my responsibilities require of me. Is it that end of year crush that makes me this way? because really there is no rainbow on the other side of 12/31/04. In fact I can be pretty certain that there will most likely be either a bed, or a toilet or both. Really not a whole lot to look forward to, if you ask me. But I am most certainly going to blame some one else, (actually anyone else) for whatever goes wrong for 2005.

there were bets. I've lost most of them, but I'm still betting that I'll be here. I like getting my paycheck at the 15th and the 30th. It allows me to keep up on the sarcasm and the avoidance at work. It also keeps me poorly dressed, and interminably depressed.

yay me.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Woman signs for Mexico men's team

"A woman footballer is joining a national men's league side in Mexico - a move which would be a first in the sport in North and Central America.

Striker Maribel Dominguez - who has scored 42 goals in 43 games for the national women's team - has signed for Celaya, a club official confirmed. "

- courtsey of BBC News...

Personally I think that this is amazing news! a sport that for everywhere else in the world is considered soley a mans sport is either a) pulling an amazing publicity stunt, or b) an amazing feat of bravery by the mexican football team. Now admittedly this isn't the first time that a woman has been wooed to play with the big boys, but irrespective of that...her scoring is still pretty freakin amazing

Monday, December 13, 2004

For my mom

This is what I want for Christmas/Channuka/Kwanza!!! (yes I know its confusing, but it means I get 13x's the presents! 9 nights of Channuka + 7 nights of Kwanzaa! see mom I CAN count, phbsssttt!!)

For all those years of telling me I was wrong. Now I can tell the world how absolutely right I am! I knew that I was right!!! So there! (to see what the shirt looks like you can click on the image. It should load it in a new window...Sorry for the egregious directions...My mom is 65.)

ooooh!oooh! I want the Cold!!!

Yep you heard me...I WANT the cold! along with Mono, and maybe some hallitosis as well!
(pictured in order as they were listed) So lovey and cuddlley...I want to have them all for myself I mean look at Mono - so cute and lavender too! who knew? No me? Although the cold, being that nice arctic looking blue seems to fit right in. And who doesn't want halitosis! he's everybody's favorite germ...especially when you are forced to work with some one who is a "close talker" and has never met an onion bagel he doesn't like.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

..::Pimp Juice::..

..::Pimp Juice::.. That's right...You heard it...Pimp juice. From none other than Nelly...

I wish to high heaven that I were joking, but I am not. The fact that it has been brought to my attention by my boyfriend...who noticed it at a strip club vending machine, (I'll explain later...) And then later was able to find it in liquor stores along the 6th St. Corridor in San Francisco. I am scared. No, I am insulted. (for those of you who may not know, the 6th St Corridor is considered a "bad" part of town, which is in the process of gentrification, but is still very much the 'loin.) He has gone so far as to purchase several novelty cans. I was ready to assume that was it. But Lo! to my dismay it wasn't. Pimp Juice has a website AND merch. Must have items like the "I am a P.I.M.P (positive, intellectual, movtivated, person) T-Shirt. T-shirt my ass, no intellectual individual would intentionally buy this item other than for the kitch factor, because that is all this is going to end up as. I only wish that it ended there. But it doesn't.

I am so sorry, and saddened for the future generations when they have G*D damned NELLY offering them P.I.M.P. scholarships. that's right, you heard me correctly P.I.M.P scholarships. WTF!? Are you going to tell your parents when $5000 suddenly appears in the mail with PIMP Juice emblazoned all over it? I am sorry, but there is no self respecting individual who would ever willingly complete and enter that contest only to face the ridicule and aftermath of actually having won a "PIMP" contest. Convince yourself that its only money, and you are not only selling your soul for an un-original, degrading, mindless, 15 second fad/ad that by tomorrow will leave you cold and in the fetal position crying in self-pity, but you are making yourself out to be the whore NELLY wants you to be.

Beyotch, where my money!

The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time

Taken from John Scalzi's website http://www.scalzi.com

With choices like An Algonquin Round Table Christmas (1927) , where Dorothy Parker gets sloshed live on the radio; or Ayn Rand's A Selfish Christmas (1951) makes it difficult to choose from a favorite.

But if I must...it will have to be a two way tie between "The Village People in Can't Stop the Christmas Music -- On Ice! (1980)"

"The Village People mobilize to save Christmas after Santa Claus (Paul Lynde) experiences a hernia. Thus follows several musical sequences -- on ice! -- where the Village People move Santa's Workshop to Christopher Street, enlist their friends to become elves with an adapted version of their hit "In The Navy", and draft film co-star Bruce Jenner to become the new Santa. All in a sequence which involves stripping the 1976 gold medal decathlon winner to his shorts, shaving and oiling his chest, and outfitting him in fur-trimmed red briefs and crimson leathers to a disco version of "Come O Ye Faithful." Peggy Fleming, Shields and Yarnell and Lorna Luft co-star"


"A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg (1986)"

" In this 90-minute event, Santa (Michael Ironside) makes an emergency landing in the Northwest Territories, where he is exposed to a previously unknown virus after being attacked by a violent moose. The virus causes Santa to develop both a large, tooth-bearing orifice in his belly and a lustful hunger for human flesh, which he sates by graphically devouring Canadian celebrities Bryan Adams, Dan Ackroyd and Gordie Howe on national television. Music by Neil Young."

MERRY ChrisaHannuKwanzAdan!

I need to get back to bed

Bristol University study on Sleep and obesity comes out to say that on average "Individuals who spend less than 8 hours of sleeping are shown to have a greater likely hood of being heavier." According to Dr. Shahrad Taheri of Bristol University.

of course it doesn't help that at the current pace most americans get less than that...in fact averaging about 6.9 hours a night according to the NSF (National Sleep Foundation - is there a foundation for everything? christ...i suppose there might even be a national foundation for habitual rose sniffers....oh shit. they do...)
Regardless, Its not enough that the stress of the day results in late afternoon cofee drinking, or that in the evening it tends to lend it self to holiday binge drinking, sleeping pills, making it difficult to rouse yourself from bed, so you compensate when you finally rise out of bed with no time to exercise with heroin expresso-mocha-lotta-sugar-cream-concotion with a side of Kruller/crossant...no wonder your ass is getting fatter.

uh yeah...I have frustrations. Lots of them. Last thing I needed was someone else telling me I already don't get enough sleep, and that's why my butt is getting bigger.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says

Great! Just what the world needs, even more confused, oversexualized, mis-infomed teens. Just freakin great.

Taken from the Washington Post:
"Congress first allocated money for abstinence-only programs in 1999, setting aside $80 million in grants, which go to a variety of religious, civic and medical organizations. To be eligible, groups must limit discussion of contraception to failure rates.

President Bush has enthusiastically backed the movement, proposing to spend $270 million on abstinence projects in 2005. Congress reduced that to about $168 million, bringing total abstinence funding to nearly $900 million over five years. "

So corporations like The Medical Institute Get to put out 'educational' pamphlets that proport (incorrectly) that :

  • A 43-day-old fetus is a "thinking person." (no medical proof, yet...)
  • HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be spread via sweat and tears. (Absolutely, not possible)
  • Condoms fail to prevent HIV transmission as often as 31 percent of the time in heterosexual intercourse. (its less than 3%)
And my favorite:
  • touching a person's genitals can result in pregnancy
Now just looking at this quick list of things that are being outlined...doesn't this sound like middle-school variety urban-legendary lying? It does to me, I mean if at least the last supposition about pregnancy and "touching of genitals" were true, I would have had at least a few kids by now... Regardless what makes me mad is not the whole "don't have sex...stay virgin!" line, its more about lying to kids in an attempt to scare them INTO abstinence.

Now having friends who were teen pregnancies I can understand the desire to keep our kids from having kids. And, yes, I do agree that abstinence is the best and only way to prevent children from getting/having STD's or unwanted pregnancies, but lying? Positing subjective observations like "50% of gay men have HIV" as medical fact? Come ON!! (incidentally gay males aged 20-25 - the actual rate is something closer to 30%, and the spread of adolecents infected with HIV is an even 50/50 for both hetero/homo girls and boys, as reported by the CDC)

So it sounds to me like this, and other Abstinence-Only organizations can basically produce medically incorrect data with literally no check? I mean I knew about this waaaayyyy back in 1999, (and I have to admit I hated it then) and it only comes up now, 5 years later...in comittee?
Nevermind the fact that a company like "The Medical Institute" is out of Austin, TX and is one of the larger distributers of this very bile...but its the fact that our federal dollars are being pumped into falshoods and lies.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' streak ends

Taken from USAToday: USATODAY.com - Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' streak ends: Ahead by $4,400 going into "Final Jeopardy," Jennings stumbled on this Business and Industry clue: Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year. Jennings wrongly answered, "What is FedEx?" real estate agent Nancy Zerg of Ventura, Calif., responded, "What is H&R Block?" making her the new champ — and a likely future Jeopardy! answer. (She finished with $14,401; Jennings fell to $8,799.)
"As for the question that stumped him, Jennings says he does his own taxes, so a tax-preparation service didn't come to mind. H&R Block has offered him lifetime financial services. The company estimates he could expect to pay up to $1.045 million in taxes on his winnings, another game show record."

Everyone is so jucied about Ken Jennings winning streak ending. I've seen /read him being equivicated to sports, messianic men, etc, etc. Really people...it was interesting while it was happening....but to equate knowledeg to triva? Not really the same thing.

Now for those of you out there, it should be obvious by now that there is more than a little spittle, venom and spite hidden in there. And I know that I'm not the only one who dislikes Ken Jennings...but to be honest, I'm jealous. Really, Reallly Jealous, and there should be no question why. Think about it for a minute....all those years of sitting at my mothers side being forced to watch Jeopardy every night at 7 pm (PST) when I could have been out being a rocus adolecent and teenager, has made me a jeopardy queen. That's right QUEEN i tell ya!

Regardless. I should have won that money. I KNEW all the same answers, even the two Double Jeopardies he got wrong, AND the Final Jeopardy answer...It just pisses me off that a mormon boy gets all that money - only to give 10% of it in tithings, and another 40% of it in taxes.


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This season...learn how to Stick-it! to the MAN

Brought to you, courtesy of Packard Jennings.

This Holiday season, you will probably find yourself at the local mall. (Be honest...you practically live there.) So this year instead of spending up all of your hard earned cash on baubles and bric-a-brac that will eventually get tossed...why not revolutionize! A wonderful pamphlet that pictorally helps every revolutionary, even the budding revolutionary, in their quest to Stick it to the Man! with simple how to's, it can be used in any language, for really any occasion. It is a great money saver, and you can get that great , warm family feeling when you and all your family come together to burn down the money-syphoning mall, in an effort to help your local shop owners. A great gift, Just in time for the Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms

I came across this link from one of my favorite places: boingboing.net I didn't think much of it at first, until I looked at their free stuff. Then that's when everything got a little strange:
The creator of the website is a legal eagle, and trumpets the Bill of Rights, and most of what he says is correct. But its the application that scares me...for example: Everyhouse hold should have a Hitler target ring!

And to help that parent who struggles to teach their child the "fun of a gun" there is always "Brasco the Liberty Bear" which s a coloring/alphabet book! Get your own copy here to share tonight with your kids! Wowie Wow!(read with much sarcasm) Some of my favorites are:

"D is for DIALING – Sometimes dialing 9-1-1 can be useless! Did you know the police don’t have to answer your call for help?1 The police can’t always show up to stop a criminal as soon as you call. Parents who love their children protect them and do not rely on the police. Your parents’ guns are good to protect you from bad people, but you must never touch a real gun without your parents’ permission."

J is for JAPANESE – The Japanese government, with the help of bad people in America, want to take away your right to own and enjoy guns. They tell people that America should be more like Japan, where the people can’t own guns. They don’t tell people that in Japan, people can be held in prison without food or water until they
confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

K is for “Gun Control” KILLS KIDS – Evil politicians have passed laws that make schools unsafe. Your parents are not allowed to carry a gun near a school to protect you from bad people. This bad law makes it possible for bad people to hurt or even kill you. Some government officials and evil politicians really like this law."

I would just like to state, for the record...(being a jew myself) Talmudic (Jewish) law discourages the use of firearms for anything other than the use of a livelyhood. Basicaly survival purposes only.

So unless the bear is a cannibal, he's really a big oxymoron.

That, and the bear is not wearing any pants with his belt.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Black Lois Lane

I came across this DC Comic Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #106 I am curious (BLACK)! from a link that was orginially posted in Boingboing.net. I did some research, in hopes of finding a copy, only to find out that was orignally published in 1958. Which means that any lingering copies of said comic were probably burned, destroyed, or are probably locked away in someone's adolecent (and forgotten) trunk. I was able to find an article in MillionairePlayboy.com, with some pictures and a plot. What follows is an excerpt:
"The cover depicts Lois Lane placed into a machine. Superman flips a switch and Lois magically transforms into a black woman for 24 hours.
The story begins with Lois assigned to do a story on Metropolis's urban area that Lois refers to Little Africa. It seems that all black people refuse to submit to an interview done by Miss Whitey. Young children, old blind ladies, and even people on the street hate white people. With Superman's help Lois is placed inside the Plastimold and the Transformoflux Pack invented by Dahr-Nel, Kryptonian Surgeon."

Part of me wants to laugh out loud, another cry with shame. But I can't. It was 1958. Whitey was scared. They had every right to be. We were planning the revolution at the time, and nothing seemed right. Everyone was suspicious. Especially white reporters? (...ha!) Regardless, it makes me want to pull out my Dashiki and head wrap. The story goes on to come to a peaceful resolution where the once outspoken revolitionary, takes a liking to the Nubian Lois is accidentally shot while trying to break up a street fight. (As there are many fights in "Little Africa" - lest we forget.) Superman swoops in to save the day, and scoops up both our young revolutionary and our Nubian Lois. While at the (black) hospital, we find that there isn't enough blood, but luckilyLois has his same blood type. Since we humans are all essentially red and fleshy...she offers up a pint. The conclusion of the story is harmony- we're all the same inside. I get that. You couldn't have hit me harder over the head with that idea if you tried.

My only problem is...well...I guess I really don't have a problem with this. I think I need to sit down. Take a minute and think this over...there must be something wrong here.......

I'll have to get back to you on this.

UPDATE> okay...so I've had some time to think on it. Still not happy with the conclusion. My reasons? The onus of racism is deflected. The whole point is oversimplified to "they hate us" NOT "they fear us...and for good reason" OR even something that might be "they hate us, because of what we did to them." That and the story is trite, and stereotypical. Although I do like the fact that the artist made Lois look better as a black woman...(an increase in bust size, more hips, and of course 'black' lips) maybe he had some jungle fever? Regardless, the resolution ISN'T a real resolution. In fact I'd say that it's Superman to save the day yet again - let's get whitey to help us out....
Then again I may just be expecting far too much from a comic book from 1958.

Death of the VHS

(as noted by the BBC)
b.1978 - d. 2004/'05

oh well..so it goes...
First it was the 8-track to the tape, then tape to the CD, then betamax to VHS, now VHS to DVD. I only wonder what's next...'cause it's only appearing to get harder and harder to bootleg...
(Only joking RIAA/MPAA!)

cheba hut!

cheba hut

mmmm...I've got some serious munchie action. - thank god someone aside from cheetos is deciding to profit off of stoners!

Monday, November 22, 2004

The things we learn on the internets,

Using a Brita Water Filtration System to Filter cheap vodka!

World famous Popov Vodka (TM) is a household favorite, if only because of its general cheapness. This lovely vodka can be purchased at a low low price of $11.99 at the local corner liquor spot.

Thankfully to the ingenious access of the inter net...I can now save my self some nice change and use my brita water filter to save me some extra ducketts. Now Although I do love the harsh, (oh so harsh) kick of an unfiltered vodka ...I'm willing to bet that the simple charcoal filters of a lovely brita filter will do just the thing. Thankfully the wonderful people of ohmygoditburns.com took the initiative to find out.

thank you internets, thank you for allowing a cheap drunk, get drunker...cheaper.

UPDATE! I tried this myself...filtering approximately 8 oz of Popov Vodka on 11/20/04...here's the deal:

The vodka still smells like rubbing alcohol.
This, I believe, is from the original 'rushed' distillation of said vodka.
However after 5 consecutive filtrations...the vodka was really quite pleasant. There was no god awful aftertaste, AND there was NO hangover to the next day..(just some minor groggy ness.)

Still for those of us cheap drunks we've now come to a conundrum. Do you go out and buy lots of cheap liquor in hopes of it saving you money...but end up drinking alone, in your apartment, in your underwear, the night eventually ending up with you sobbing or passed out, or do you go to a bar and hope to pray on you lasting good looks and charm to get you free drinks.....Oh the perils of either.

Geek Tattoos....WTF?!

Geek Tatoos... courtesy of Boingboing

uh....not sure what to make of this...I know that you may want the world to know that you're a blackbelt programmer or coder...but this may be taking it JUST a smidge this side of insanity to have it inked onto your body.

just a thought....Maybe it would be better to try and show it in not such *ahem* permanent ways.

Friday, November 19, 2004

frontline: is wal-mart good for america? | PBS

frontline: is wal-mart good for america? | PBS

Highly reccomended watching. I'm a big fan of small local buisnesses, hence they are the lifeblood of small towns and tend to provide a higher quality of life for the surrounding areas...that and unlike a Wal-Mart, Target, or K-mart/Sears they produce an eighth of the industrial waste... the fact that it's so bad that even Southpark has gone on to create a show about it should mean something...

The fact that it, and other retailers have the strange focus specifically at the consumer has made a massive change in the way buisnesses are now tied to the fickle desires of the individual.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

MSNBC - Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

MSNBC - Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

The “Boyfriend Arm’s Pillow” is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.

The almost life-size boyfriend pillow is the product of the Japanese bed linen maker, Kameo Corp., located in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. The company already sold more than 1,000 pillows since its launch last year. It costs $80 dollars (8,500 yen) and is currently only sold in Japan on the Internet....

uh yeah. ok. I can almost accept this idea...

wait. No. I can't. Not for $80.

But if you can't wait for yours...you can purchase it here

Monday, November 08, 2004

You may have noticed some changes...

If there is anyone out there other than myself whom reads this with any regularity...Well I've made some minor changes.

If you remember I'm a big fan of Firefox. I'd suggest that you download it right away and use IT instead of Internet Explorer. Less hassle, less mess, and less likely that you'll have your life savings stripped from you. (If you're cautious.) so yeah...get firefoxed!

Friday, November 05, 2004

A great Convo with a Londoner.

kizzy: oy
PaddyWop: yo
PaddyWop: how's it going?
kizzy: still a little depressed...btw saw the Daily Mirror...effing hilarious
PaddyWop: yeah
kizzy: still not my president.
kizzy: I didn't vote for him
PaddyWop: the Independent had "Four More Years" and pictures of Abu Graib, missiles, dead Iraqi civilians
kizzy: Grrrreaat!
PaddyWop: the Guardian just had "Oh, No" and nothing else on the cover..
PaddyWop: there are very few things I'm "proud" of in the UK, and one is the quality and freedom of our press
PaddyWop: I'm still in shock
kizzy: ha. i'm feeling sooo much better about your freedom of the press
kizzy: i think I told you i cried...
kizzy: all day Wednesday
PaddyWop: nobody in Europe understands the US anymore...we just don't get it
PaddyWop: I almost did and I'm not even American!
kizzy: its not me, nor is it 55,949,407 million others...
kizzy: remember he only won the popular vote by the slimmest of margins
PaddyWop: he still won it though
PaddyWop: which he didn't in 2000
PaddyWop: which means that after four years of him fucking up the world he is now more popular in America
PaddyWop: which is deeply horrifying
kizzy: no - there are just more frightened sheep
kizzy: he and his administration have done a great job scaring the shit out of middle america
kizzy: when those of us on the coasts have more to fear from being terrorized
PaddyWop: yes, why are they frightened though? why are they so fucking stupid and ignorant? what's wrong with them?
kizzy: general fear...
PaddyWop: you're right - who's going to bomb fucking Kansas??
kizzy: you have to remember unlike you guys...
kizzy: we've never been attacked on our shores before 9/11/01
kizzy: you have had several thousands of years of attacks...us...maybe 3
PaddyWop: sure and now that you have and you have a president whose foreign policy is the very cause of terrorism in the first place you vote for him again
PaddyWop: I mean "you" of course
PaddyWop: sure
PaddyWop: but even a 10-year-old will tell you that bombing the fuck out of Iraq for no real reason is going to make Arabs very unhappy
kizzy: uh...yah. I voted for that halfwit dumbfuck
kizzy: durh....you're thinking rationally
PaddyWop: that's the bit that I don't get that some people don't understand
kizzy: when your freaked the fuck out - you tend NOT to think rationally
PaddyWop: and if it's because they're all born-again Christians, then they're a scary fucking bunch
PaddyWop: true, true, you're right, there's a lot be said for manipulative propaganda from the government
PaddyWop: but 60 million people scared shitless, when there are billions of people scared shitless of Bush around the world???
PaddyWop: it goes back to having access to any kind of objective press whatsoever...
PaddyWop: people watch CNN and Fox and that's what they get
PaddyWop: it's so depressing
kizzy: i don't watch tv.
kizzy: buck up little buddy
PaddyWop: and scary that so-called Christians equate Bush's evil, bloody businees-motivated machinations with some kind of greater, Christian good - really horrifying
PaddyWop: you're not the problem...
PaddyWop: if there were more of you in America we wouldn't be having this conversation
kizzy: i know.... but never fear...
PaddyWop: (unless of course you voted for Bush, which I doubt )
kizzy: My Man and I are planning the revolution
PaddyWop: I hope so!
kizzy: we will rise up and take back the nation for the people
PaddyWop: I'll join in
PaddyWop: yeeah!!
PaddyWop: si! la revolucion!!!
kizzy: and kill all the skinny blond white bitches while were at it. (american blondes only, of course.)
kizzy: just for good measure
PaddyWop: that's cool – my girl’s a brunette
PaddyWop: yeehaaaaw!
PaddyWop: do you know what depresses me the most? (and then I'll shut up)
kizzy: what?
PaddyWop: and this may sound patronizing, but I don't care...
kizzy: ok....what?
PaddyWop: after Sept 11th, I had a thin hope that something would change in America, that behind that thick cloud there would be a slim silver lining, that people would understand that the US had to back off a little, stop being this menacing eagle in international affairs and get off its high horse, realizing that, however horrible an admission, there was some possibility that terrorism might be partly its own fault, even 0.5 % and reassess its position in the world...
PaddyWop: but it looks to me like it's learned absolutely nothing and will continue to make things worse in its stubborn defiance of everyone else
PaddyWop: I guess I was naive...
PaddyWop: it's deeply saddening
PaddyWop: things will just escalate, the divides are getting bigger, more people are going to get more fucked off
PaddyWop: and it seems like the majority of the American people are happy with with this state of affairs
PaddyWop: now I'll shut up
PaddyWop: how's the weather?
kizzy: - you’ve got to believe that more than half the nation was aware
kizzy: we knew what was happening and that we were partly to blame...nevertheless
kizzy: when you're dealing with middle america
kizzy: they don't get the finer points of diplomacy
PaddyWop: yeah, I know, I don't doubt that for a minute
PaddyWop: why are you partly to blame?
kizzy: uh i'm a jew...and a Zionists
PaddyWop: right, but that’s not even the finer points of diplomacy though, it's pretty fucking basic!
PaddyWop: Wait, are you a Zionist?
PaddyWop: you must love Bush then...
PaddyWop: and his mate Sharon, although he's been a little flimsy lately, giving bits of Gaza back, hey?
PaddyWop: only jamming
PaddyWop: anyway, must go
PaddyWop: have a nice weekend
kizzy: oh ok...bye
PaddyWop: I will join you and Your man in founding the People's Republic of Northern California
kizzy: the united states of Canada...- yeah I like the PRNC.
kizzy: sounds close to PRaNC
PaddyWop: prance?
PaddyWop: that's France
kizzy: HA
PaddyWop: or how about Pacific French Territories?
kizzy: we we - But offf COurse!
kizzy: ve alvays knew vat san francisco vas french...all fairy and such as it is
PaddyWop: ok, dude, gotta go
PaddyWop: have a good one
PaddyWop: oui oui
kizzy: au revoir
PaddyWop: au revoir, mon amie!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

My roommate owns this

And I don't doubt that 49% of the nation will as well...soon enough. I just put my order in.

And comments from the british press:

Great. The rest of the world thinks we're idiots

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Best Concilliatory thoughts that I've run across so far

Taken from Chaos Digest -
  1. Repair the Democratic Party. It's clearly not competing effectively against modern Republican political tactics.
  2. Organize.
  3. Draw the line. Declare our terms. While I agree that the Democratic party platform should certainly be examined at this point, changing the core values of the party would be abandoning our chance to help set the nation's agenda.
  4. Get Constitutional. Everything above the Constitution itself can be changed through legislation, particularly if you run all three branches of government. Our only refuge against much of the Republican agenda will lay in the Constitution. Read it, know it. Learn the historical overviews of the amendments. "Separation of church and state," and "all men created equal," and "Congress shall make no law" don't go away just because the White House says so. Start reminding them. Protests, letters, support for Democratic legislative efforts, whatever you can do.
  5. Get active. If you care at all about maintaining some control over your destiny in the country, you need to become a Democratic superhero action figure.
What do we have going for us?
Brains. (We are an intellectual elite, after all.)
Money. (Paging George Soros...)
Sympathy abroad.
Sympathy at home (much less, sadly).
A fanatical devotion to the Pope.
A limited battlefield - it's only two years until the midterm Congressional elections.
A "liberal" press. (Confronted with Republicans on all sides, at least some of them might resort to being confrontational again.)
The desire to improve on the America we grew up in for our children, instead of leaving them an overt theocracy managed by a corporate kleptocracy."

Check the website for the more detailed info... but so far...at least this has allowed me the opportunity to wipe my tears away and not be quite so depressed...angry...confused...frutstrated....etc.etc.etc.

Hell on Eath is freezing over

The heaviest of the snow is in Lubbock - approximately 350 miles from Crawford TX where the president is hiding out....I think that its a sign from god. At least I'm going to take it as a sign from god - my god, NOT the god that Georgie hears in his head...I suspect that it's just dick talking to him through an earpiece. (we all know that Dick thinks that he's god...Ominous voice and all....but then again dicks tend to think they're omnipresent anyway.)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voter Alert Lines

The fact that there are already enough callers to a voter protection group to warrant a fancy-schmancy website flash page dedicated to it scares the s*it outta me. Nevermind the reports that there are bomb threats all over Pheonix, AZ causing schools, hospitals and Polling places to be shut down, or that EVERY STATE IN THE UNION has reported some form of voter fraud....

Whose ready for the revolution? 'cause I think tickets to Spain are kinda cheap right now. ¿Usted piensa que eso moviendo a España es una idea buena, no? ....Le québec est agréable cette saison aussi..

Or Maybe it's a move to the Kiwis - Always did love New Zeland....

ps. Election Protection: http://www.ourvote.com/

God Help us...every one.

This is not a joke - this photo was taken TODAY in a Santa Clara polling location. This is a camera phone image as of 9 am this morning PST. (taken from BoingBoing.net)

BB reader Brian Nicks says, Want to know what this image is? It's a picture I took with my cellphone-camera of an electronic voting machine screen. I took it today when I went down to vote for the next President of the Unites States in Santa Clara California. The screen says "Vote Save Error #9. Use the Backup Voting Procedure." A news crew was on hand to film Californians using the voting machines. I pointed to this particular screen and said "There's your story - right there. I just took a picture of the screen and plan to share it with 6.4 billion of my closest friends on the Internet tonight. I suggest you do the same." To my astonishment, the cameraman did shoot some footage of the screen, though I don't know what was shown later on television. Now that I've told you the story behind the picture, I need not mention the maelstrom of thoughts that go through my head whenever I look at it - the picture is testament enough. The next revolution will not be televised. The next revolution will be blogged.
Link to full sized image

If you experience problems like this report it immedately to VoteProblem.org The Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS) is part of a massive grassroots effort to help protect the right to vote and accurate counting of votes.

If your voting problem needs immediate attention and should not wait until after November 2, please call 1 866 OUR-VOTE (1 866 687-8683) now.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Protection Resources Page

Election Protection Resources Page

For Tomorrow - for everyone...If anyone, anywhere in the country runs into problems tomorrow, don't be silent. Report it. Not only to the Election Protection website, but to your local department of elections.

Just a side note - anyone who lives in District 5 in San Francisco -I just want to say amoungst the group of 22 individuals who want to be District 5 Supervisors - I say vote Mirikami(1), Waugh(2), Haaland(3)

also a really good Voter Guide can be found at sfbg.com

Sunday, October 31, 2004

its all about presentation...

I was downloading images from a recent trip to seattle, and found this gem. Not only is the leader enough to send me into a fit of hilarity...but take a closer look at the rest of the window...

That's right...They're sorry that they are open. Sorry they are open. oh my. I guess being Snappy isn't enough for Auntie Mo?

Friday, October 29, 2004

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes c/o thestranger.com

oh..no. wrong in sooo many ways. yet funny, in such a sad way. It was the innocuious way in which it was presented...it feels so wrong.

" The Littlest Prisoner at Abu Ghraib

Your child will be the hit of the neighborhood costume parade in this recreation of the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal's most indelible image. As an added bonus this easy-to-make costume will remind everyone on your child's trick-or-treat route of our national shame! Simply roll a cone from a sheet of 24"x38" black cardstock, making sure to cut out a hole for the face. Drape with two yards of black felt, and add leftover wires from your last lamp-rewiring project. VoilÀ! So easy, so quick, and so terrifying!

Total cost: Under $20.
Total time: Under two hours."

Its the grin on this kid is unbelievable. He, and I, will be scarred for life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Best Book EVER!!!

Best - book - Ever! it is out of print, (unfortunately) but it still looks like a good 'ol fashioned page turner about "sister-hood", loving and well more loving. It is set in "olde west" and it is a story of a women trying to solve the mystery of her sisters murder, and getting out of the dustbowl together....

Lynne Cheney - the 2nd Lady is an accomplished writer with a PhD in 19th century English Lit. Yet, I wonder though about her influences.....

It looks like whitehouse.org has managed to find a rare signed copy of this book and has it on e-bay. The most recent bid that I've seen is for $405... wowie wow!

Kevin Sites' Bog

Kevin Sites is a freelance solo journalist currently on assignment for NBC News in Iraq. In the meantime he's updating his blog with interesting information and observations of what it going on in Iraq.

"Like most of the bulk of the military, aside from officers and non-coms, they're kids really -- 18, 19, 20 years old. They switch from playing imaginary war games on an Xbox in the base rec rooms to living and fighting in a real war. They flip from astounding maturity, trusting each other with their lives, brotherly bonds, to head-shaking juvenile antics -- belittling each others manhood, intelligence, haircuts--whatever presents itself as an appropriate weakness."
Camp Abu Graib is a well fortified, but livable dusty bowl...There is a chow hall, which serves pre-prepared meals; the camp is too small (under one-thousand) to qualify for a civilian food operation usually provided by Halliburton subsidiary KBR (Kellog, Brown and Root).
Despite a history of sacrifice for the nation -- the U.S. Marines are the redheaded, stepchildren of the Pentagon when it comes to the budget process.
With only 150,000 active duty Marines in the whole corps -- they get "hand me down" everything -- or nothing at all. While almost all the combat Army units in Iraq have been issued the shorter-barreled M4 assault rifle (better for urban warfare, easier to wield getting in and out of humvees) and night vision goggles, the Marines are still mostly carrying M16's and are lucky to have one set of nv specs per squad."
I just thought that these were interesting little notes on the current state of being for the Marines and the requirements that we ask of them. Now before you jump all over me, I have to say that I support our troops, but what I don't support is the way in which this administration has dishonored them and the returining veterans by cutting pay to VA hospitals, health coverage and their pay for their dutiful services to our country and the countless others we police on a daily basis.

I am a patriot, and I support our troops. I do NOT support war, of any kind.
And incase you forget - to dissent is american. To be silent in fear of your government is a dictatorship.

speak up.

Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm Movin to Canada - eh?

In light of the upcoming election perhaps you may be thinking of alternate nations of residence.

The good people of Canada have a self-assessment test online to help you determine whether or not you'd be considered a "skilled worker" for immigration purposes. you can take the test to see if you're eligible.

Apparently if you graduated college and can speak english, you have a leg up on the competition. I got a Score of 73 out of 100, and the passing score is 67...

ahhh...socialized medicine, schooling and geriatric care HERE I COME!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A new background change - hopefully to inspire choice

Apathy... Its what we're known world-wide for.

I refuse to believe that there are people out there that truly believe that they don't matter, or that their voice doesn't matter. My family had shed blood for the opportunity to simply express their choice. To be apathetic is a luxury I have never been afforded, nor is it one that I shall ever hand over.

So I'm doing my little bit to remind myself and others what this is all about. I don't care who you decide....Just make the decision. Stop being outraged, happy, whatever - do it. Damn-it. You have NO excuse.

and if you don't - then you have no right to say ANYTHING.

This November 2nd...effect change.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sarah Zadow : 1912 - 2004

My Grandmother, Sarah Zadow, died peacefully in her sleep this past Sunday night.

She was 92. The beloved wife of my Grandfather, Abraham, for nearly 70 years, she was the last of 13 children and part of the last great generation of "First Americans." She was born into poverty and struggled most of her life to leave that poverty behind her. Loyal and strong, she rarely left my grandfather's side for more than a few days at a time. She traveled extensively, read voraciously, and had the sharpest tongue just "this side" of Dorothy Parker. She was an accomplished artist in both glass and ceramics, and as a result I have many treasured pieces of hers throughout my home. She is pictured below.

I have no date for this photo, I can only assume that it was around her mid to late teens. She was unfortunate in so much that she was orphaned when she was barely 13 years of age. She was shuffled about from family member to family member during one of the most difficult times in American history, and yet she survived it all to become one of the most stalwart women I have ever known. She never finished school, and lived all of her life in California. She was born in East LA to one of the first Orthodox Rabbi's in California, Yehuda Davidson. He was 76 when she was born. Her mother, Rebbeca Margolis died not long after Yehuda did, leaving her and her three siblings to be raised by half brothers and sisters.

For the last 12 years she has been struggling with Alzheimer’s. Thankfully her struggle is now over and she is at peace. She is survived by myself (one of her 3 grand children) 3 great grandchildren and two of her own (my mother and uncle). All of them blessed with her good looks, strong character and sharp minds.

We will miss you Grandma.

I always wondered about how babies were born

I really really wish that this were a joke. But its not. And what makes it even more hilarious is that it explains soooo much of how my mother and father interacted with each other over the years....and she's a jew and he's an agnotstic; but they were both born in the late 30's... which would have made them teens about the time this came out.

I'm a Progressive?

Who knew....

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fluffer Nutters - AWAY!!!

how can you not love the forever fluffernutter!

Looking at the lovely fluffernutter, makes me think " Ohh Soooo Yummy!"
so thank goodness the people at Marshmellow Fluff have a wonderful cookbook for you and me!! They've named it The Yummy Book!

oh my, the double entdre is killing me.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Turner Classic Movies This Month Article

Oh God you guys!!!
Who Knew the TMC (Turner Movie Classics) would get , like all Political on our collective asses!!!

Party Politics & the Movies
In this very political year, as we approach the November elections, TCM has invited four prominent U.S. Senators to appear in interviews with host Ben Mankiewicz to introduce significant films in their lives.

On October 7, John Edwards, Democratic vice presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from North Carolina, will consider Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964). Edwards chose Stanley Kubrick's black comedy about nuclear war because of its message that "putting this kind of power into the hands of human beings - no matter who they are - is an extraordinary thing."

I for one, think that he intended to remind us of that closing scene in which Slim Pickens... anyway Slate.com's Surfergirl says it best:

This 1964 black comedy is best remembered for its closing image: Slim Pickens, playing a bellicose Texan Air Force pilot, yodels with glee as he rides a "nucular" missile to his death, initiating worldwide Armageddon. Essentially, Strangelove is the story of a few deluded powermongers who destroy the world because they can't admit they're wrong. Edwards was bashful about drawing parallels, but host Ben Mankiewicz finally baited the hook for him: "Is there any message you would like President Bush or Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to get from this movie?" Edwards' answer, delivered in his usual courtly drawl, was a quiet little knife in the president's ribs: "Human beings are fallible.They make mistakes ... That's why it's so important to have somebody at the top of the civilian government who understands what's happening and has good sound judgment."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things - oh how I love them!!

Direct from Boing Boing:
Unintended consequences of Cheney's dot-com v dot-org debate goof

During last night's vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney advised viewers interested in his version of the facts about Halliburton to visit factcheck.com. Evidently, he meant to direct them to factcheck dot ORG, a site run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, but mis-spoke. Factcheck dot COM redirects you to GeorgeSoros.com which contains arguments on 'why we must not re-elect President George Bush.' Whups.
For their part, the factcheck dot ORG folks say:
Cheney got our domain name wrong -- calling us 'FactCheck.com' -- and wrongly implied that we had rebutted allegations Edwards was making about what Cheney had done as chief executive officer of Halliburton. In fact, we did post an article pointing out that Cheney hasn't profited personally while in office from Halliburton's Iraq contracts, as falsely implied by a Kerry TV ad. But Edwards was talking about Cheney's responsibility for earlier Halliburton troubles. And in fact, Edwards was mostly right.

BoingBoing reader Clay says Soros and Co. have no idea who directed the vicepresidential linklove their way. "My friend designed the Soros blog and says [redirecting factcheck.com to the Soros site] was a happy for the unrequested favor. Whois turns up not enough of a clue..."

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


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Yahoo! News - U.S. Flu Vaccine Supply Cut in Half

Yahoo! News - U.S. Flu Vaccine Supply Cut in Half: "WASHINGTON - Americans' supply of flu vaccine was cut in half Tuesday as Britain abruptly shut down a major supplier just as flu season is about to begin. Facing a record shortage, U.S. health officials scrambled to reserve remaining shots for the elderly and others at highest risk from influenza."

great...just another reason to stay home on election day, right?

O'Reilly flip-flopped on picking debate winner

O'Reilly flip-flopped on picking debate winner

Listen to this audio clip:
O'Reilly flip-flopped on picking debate winner

One week before the first presidential debate, FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly promised his radio show listeners: "[W]e're going to give you a numerical system -- who won the debate and then how they won." Following the September 30 debate, however, as a consensus emerged that Senator John Kerry had "won" the debate, O'Reilly changed his mind. "I'm not going to tell you who won the debate because I really don't have any right to tell you that," he said.

you gotta Job? Well you're doin better than most

From MSNBC:Filed via Reuters Updated: 11:44 a.m. ET Oct. 5, 2004

"NEW YORK - U.S. planned job cuts soared to an eight-month high in September while new hiring rose only slightly, a report said on Tuesday.

Employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. said employers announced 107,863 layoffs in September, 41 percent more than in September 2003 and 45 percent more than in August of this year, when 74,150 were laid off.

The September figure was the largest since January 2004, when employers laid off 117,556 workers.

The September figure brings third-quarter job cuts to 251,585, 19.9 percent more than the 209,895 registered in the previous quarter and 4 percent more than the 241,548 for the third quarter of 2003.

Job losses in September were particularly heavy in the computer, transportation, telecommunications and consumer products industries, the report said."

makes me appreciate what I've got, no matter how much I hate it here. Maybe if I'm lucky I can keep it for a bit longer.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Nerve.com's Pickup Line Contest

Nerve.com's Pickup Line Contest

It made me chuckle. I especially this one:
"Upon being introduced to an attractive guy in a bar one night when I was sort of down, I said, in my best forlorn-wallflower voice: "Can you kiss me on the cheek so I can say a cute guy kissed me tonight?" Needless to say, more than just a kiss on the cheek ensued, and friends have since employed this method with 100% success."

Monday, September 20, 2004

been busy

but never busy enough to scratch my head, and have a good chortle...at the expense of others.

Thanks to my friends at fuggin it up! I'm always feeling good about not being famous....for example:

I can always be thankful that I have enough sense to know that I should ALWAYS leave the house with more than my handtowels attached (clumlisly I might add) to my privates. And when attending a Gala Event...a long black dress is always a good choice. ankle length, preferably.

even though this woman, whomever she is...will likely never get much of a promotion beyond the casting room couch.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


oh how I have forgotten the lovely lexicon called Engrish.

It's Kinda hard to tell exactly what is being sold...but it doesn't matter because I'm laughing so damned hard.....

I'm a little afraid to think that "Monkey Stix" are either 1. Ass igniters 2. Unusal animal inspectors 3. Should be illegal in all 50 United States.

Christ, even that doesn't seem to really encapsulate exactly what in the hell this anthropromorphized monkey is doing bent over holding what looks like a lighted match to his butt. Nevermind the lustful look in his eyes, calling out to you to "keep doing the thing which one wants to do very hard."

But at least "consumers" are always satisfied!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

office conversations

Man1: oh wow - 12 people just got shot in Oakland in the past twelve hours.

Man2: yeah. That's what'd they call a fire sale in Oakland.

- don't lie. you're laughing. I laughed too. Nearly choked on a swig of water when I heard it.

edit: i found out last night that a majority of the twelve that died were attending a funeral. Isn't that just a lovely piece of irony

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Texas Rangers Relief Pitcher Charged with Assault

Texas Rangers Relief Pitcher Charged with Assault
Tue Sep 14, 2:49 PM

By Adam Tanner
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Texas Rangers (news) relief pitcher was arrested and charged with assault after flinging a chair into the stands and injuring a woman during a baseball game in Oakland, California, officials said on Tuesday.

Franklin Francisco, 25, was charged with aggravated battery after police said he threw a folding chair at a heckler in the stadium where his team was playing the Oakland Athletics (news) on Monday. He was not pitching at the time.

Video of the incident showed several Texas players confronting fans, with the woman emerging with a bloody nose and blood spilling onto her Athletics sweatshirt.

The unusual incident caused a 19-minute delay in the game that ended with the Athletics winning 7-6 in 10 innings. "

- so okay - you had your tantrum, you hit an innocent by-stander, and you're how old?

jesus christ. every day it seems like professional - anything (least of all athletics) have all managed to disenigrate into fist-to-cuffs.

What happened to some civility? boo-effin-hoo so you got called some bad names. I'd like to quote a favorite genuis of mine...

my 4 year old nephew...

"I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!"

Monday, September 13, 2004

family gatherings...

...are always better when there is alcohol involved.

- It was a very celebratory wedding. Nice and not conservative what-so-ever. The bride and groom didn't want any presents, and instead had requested that all of the family and friends give to a foundation, (of which I can't remember now.) - trust me this is a good story...keep reading.

Turns out that the director and the driving force behind the foundation are good friends of the bride and groom, and were (of course) grateful for the gifts. The were asked to get up and speak about what the foundation is, what it does, and whom it benefits. The director and "driving force" are a husband and wife team whom had a little girl - aged 8 months with them. The Director was breastfeeding her little girl – surreptitiously at the table before the bride and groom called them up.

The Director and "driving force" both got up to speak, and brought their little girl with them to try and explain what their foundation was about. Unfortunately for them, their little girl wasn’t finished eating and was very unhappy about it. She began to wriggle and squirm, making it difficult for the director/mom to talk about the foundation. Out of frustration, she handed off the baby to her husband who was standing next to her in an attempt to quell the child and get on with her speech.

This, of course, did nothing but aggravate the baby more . . . she wanted mommy – no she wanted dinner . . . and daddy wasn’t going to help. The Director/mommy was unable to continue the presentation with her squirming child next to her . . . so she shoved the mike back at her husband, said "I can’t do this, she needs to eat." grabbed her baby, PRESENTED HER BOOB and began to breast feed. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE GATHERING.

It took a moment to realize what was happening. There was some nervous laughter from the men, and then after a few moments some of the mothers in the crowd started to cheer and clap. It was awkward, to say the least . . . but the fact that no one really flinched and instead continued to laugh at this strange human comedy made it even funnier.

That will be the defining moment during the weekend that everyone will remember.

Public breastfeeding.

- I’m not sure that’s a distinction that my cousin was hoping for.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Costanoa - here I come

This weekend my cousin is getting married. It'll be a weekend affair with all of the family from both coasts coming in. It should be interesting, Between two very lovely parks, and it looks like the weather is going to play fair and be lovely.

If I have any say about what to do this weekend, (That is before the wedding and/or Celebrations) its going to be very little...other than laying about in a swimsuit. Or maybe...maybe going for a hike/walk down to see the elephant seals.

- naw scratch that. I'll be looking specifically at thesky, while on my back drinking copious amounts of wine/mi-tais etc.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Devil's always in the details

This is an actual post for a home for sale, in Canada. Gotta Love those Canadians.

Try and see if you can find a problem with it?

At first glance, everything looks normal, lovely and very serene...the perfect home for sale.
A bucolic setting, and lovely furntiure to boot...no problem what so-ever.

But take a closer look - There is one detail that both the homeowners, the Real Estate Agent AND The Webmaster managed to over look:

whoo - hoo...that one made me laugh out loud. For the simple realization that: Oh right! It's the two dogs in the back yard!

I don't know how long this was sitting on the MLS site, or even how many people noticed the two dogs subliminally copulating in the background, but just as soon as the people above caught sight of it, things started happening. These actions included:

* The immediate removal of the picture,
* the restoration of the picture, with the dogs blurred out, Cops-style,
* the removal of that picture and the restoration of the original picture,
* the removal of that picture, and a replacement with the hedges behind the dogs clumsily Photoshopped over them.

I don't know why they didn't just take the picture down and leave it down, unless the only room in the house worth looking at is the living room. I dunno -- maybe it's one of those drug houses where everything is a hollowed-out wreck full of maryjane and ultraviolet lights, and this is their one, publically-facing room. Perhaps that's why it's so critically important that people see how great the living room is, dog-fucking notwithstanding.

I can't begin to understand it, but isn't that what makes stupid things like this so great? It's incomprehensible, accidental, combative and hilarious all at the same time...ahhh thanks again nature!

Friday, September 03, 2004

FireFox is my new best friend

Oh how I love thee....let me count the ways.

1. I'm a geek - which means that anything new will therefore undoubtedly be better.
2. I've been using you for a few weeks on my Windows ProXP and have seen my spyware rate drop to zero.
3. You are universially supportable.
4. You are open-source, and are MAINTAINED as such.

I could go on, but to be honest, it was the really cute icon that did me in. (isn't it just adorable...hugging the planet like so...) Actually no, I finally gave into my boyfriend and decided to give it a try. Nevermid the fact that I was getting sick and tired with trying to combat all of the freakin ActiveX/Spyware bugs that kept installing KeyLoggers on my system. Not something that I am terribly happy about.

- so anyway. I'm a big chuckle-snorting-glasses-can't-stay-up-high-waiter-wearin geek! and I'm proud of it.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

my life is sucking...

My teeth hurt. And its the kind of dull pain that grows on you slightly. It creeps its way up your sinuses to the point where you cannot ignore it because the loud thumping in your head prevents you from being able to see straight. That and the tears that are coming out of your eyes tend to blur your vision.

I had to go to the dentist. My head and jaw hurt so much that it couldn't be prevented. I wish that it was for a simple check-up, but it wasn't. It was dibiltating. Now that the drugs are starting to wear thin, I'm wondering if it was such a good idea. There were three different dentists in my mouth this afternoon. I'm glad that I dont have a high moral meter, otherwise I might have felt dirty. Oddly enough though, when I got up to leave, I towered over all of them. I'm not amazonian, but I'd figure that we "grow 'em" bigger out west. They must be mid-western mutts.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Surprizingly busy

So I've started my school classes, and yesterday and today I have been working dilligently on them.(...ahem) not while at work of course. ;-)

anyway as a result I've managed to muscle together my first bonafide web-page that I've put together for my web-instruction class. Pretty it aint. But it'll do for the time being.

I have high minded ideals for what this should be, but most likely it'll come up short. I have a tendency to forget about the details, like making sure all of the links are live, etc, etc. But it should be interesting. I'm logging my trials and trbulations on another Blog which I'll be updating from time to time. Its really intended more for reference in the class-room so that I can say I'm actually doing something. Even though I can change the posting time...so if necessary I could fake it. Not that I would.

anyway...so...thats that. I'm never going to feel the wind on my cheeks, or see the light of day ever again...

why do I do this to myself?

Monday, August 30, 2004


UNITE HERE! Is one of the many websites that have popped up in reponse to the RNC in NYC:

The RNC is not Welcome is another one which is comprised of Local New Yorkers and other related anti-RNC individuals. Not much here that I haven't seen elsewhere.

RNC Watch Is a blog that will be updated by the registered users of the site. It varies because it is wholly controlled by the users. I don't believe that that it has a moderator...should be interesting

NYC Indie Media: is another open forum (yet mediated) website with news, blogs, bulletins, radio and live feeds from the RNC and the Protests in and around NYC.

burning man...

Next week it will happen. And as per-usual, I feel a little strange about it. When I attended it was the second annual one - over at baker beach. And it was a hippie-dippy love/art fest with a dance party at the end.

Now its a nation-wide event. With rather strange implications

I kinda liked it better when it was a small "insiders-only" event. When it felt like we were the only ones who were there. It was great because it was "nice" that's the best approximation I can give. Now...well now it feels huge, looming and generally overwhelming.

Nevermind the fact that now there are people who are bringing their kids to the event.
I haven't been since then. Although it was cool...I am a little sad that I feel too grown up now to attend. Although maybe all I need to do is to have a kid of my own?

How I so love Irony,

sfweekly.com | March Radness | 2004-08-25 They're all pdfs so you'll have to click the link to see, but its worthwhile

san francisco's response to NYC being the center of the current protestors controversy.

hmm. think we're a little sore?


this one made me laugh, a nice good little laugh. Its the kind of good natured -free thinking ideals that normally pervade our modern society.

Its things like this,

that keep me awake at night. How could someone holding a sign require so many police?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The arrogance of "dissent is unpatriotic"

not sure how to feel about this one... (from the Portland Tribune)
"An unidentified supporter of President Bush tries to silence protester Kendra Lloyd-Knox (right) outside Southridge High School in Beaverton. Elsewhere in Portland, supporters of Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., rallied on the waterfront"

hmmm...is this what Bush supporters must resort to? Christ..they already have the most powerful mouthpiece in the nation (popular media)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Charter Schools Lagging Behind U.S. Test Scores Reveal

For those of you who don't know, this was my seniors thesis in college.

Nice to know that the report I filed with the DOE (Department of Education) nearly 8 years ago has finally been properly released to the public...not that it'll get the attention it needs.

"The first national comparison of test scores among children in charter schools
and regular public schools shows charter school students often doing worse than
comparable students in regular public schools.

The findings [were]
released without public announcement. And have dealt a blow to supporters of the
charter school movement, including the Bush administration.

The data
shows fourth graders attending charter schools performing about half a year
behind students in other public schools in both reading and math. Put another
way, only 25 percent of the fourth graders attending charters were proficient in
reading and math, against 30 percent who were proficient in reading, and 32
percent in math, at traditional public schools.

Because charter schools
are concentrated in cities, often in poor neighborhoods, the researchers also
compared urban charters to traditional schools in cities. They looked at
low-income children in both settings, and broke down the results by race and
ethnicity as well. In virtually all instances, the charter students did worse
than their counterparts in regular public schools.

Charters are expected
to grow exponentially under the new federal education law, No Child Left Behind,
which holds out conversion to charter schools as one solution for chronically
failing traditional schools."

Free-market fix, my ass.

A Halliburton Has More Time to Verify Costs

Halliburton Has More Time to Verify Costs

"Government contractors normally cannot be paid more than 85 percent of their invoices until they fully account for their costs. Twice this year the Army set this rule aside for Halliburton as the company cataloged its costs and explained how it was billing the government. The most recent reprieve expired on Sunday"

- basically we're still paying them the $8 billion they've been promised even though they've already bilked us for approximately $4.2 (if not more) on a no-bid contract.

seesh....if this were any other small business in America, every one of the executive officers would be in orange get-ups.

A new political web site...Daily KOS

Daily Kos (is a website I found courtesy of Air America, Online!) has posted this very interesting article from the LA times. The article is about Colorado and their recent decision to have a ballot intiative that would immediately split the states electorial vote based on the popular vote, Rather than by a winner-take-all...

Here's what this means to you and me: Gore would have won!

Quote: (from the LA Times)

"If the proposal had been in place four years ago, Democrat Al Gore would have earned enough electoral votes to go to the White House...

Only two other states do not have winner-take-all systems of casting electoral college votes. Nebraska and Maine give two votes to the winner of each state, and
remaining votes are cast to show who won each congressional district.

Republican Gov. Bill Owens and Republican State Party Chairman Ted
Halaby have criticized the Colorado proposal, saying it would lessen the state's
clout in presidential elections. They warn that candidates will ignore the state
and its nine electoral votes if the measure passes.

Julie Brown, campaign director for the Make Your Vote Count effort that supports the measure,dismissed their concerns. 'It begs the question on which is more important -- a two-hour presidential stop at a tarmac at Denver International Airport or true representation by the voters.'

Katy Atkinson, a spokeswoman for the opposing Coloradans Against a Really Stupid Idea, promised to challenge the measure if it passes and it is applied in this year's presidential race.

The proposal's backers want it to take effect immediately, before Colorado's electoral votes are cast in December. 'They are ripe for a court challenge on this,' Atkinson said. 'If this is a close race like the one four years ago, we could be thrown into a situation where we are the Florida of 2004. We'd be the laughing stock of the country. All those Florida jokes would be applied to Colorado.' "

Now this brings up a particularly interesting discussion because we are taking what is an already convoluted system and adding an additional layer of confusion/dilution. The argument goes thus: by splitting a states electoral votes, you actually create more dissention by allowing the states electorial vote to be swayed by popular opinion.

The oposite opinion is of course that it is a better representation of the actual popular vote and hence should be put into place than then current Electoral Voting system that we have now.

However after some remeidal investigation I came across this bit of information regarding the electorial college and it's usefuleness in regards to democratic protection. (Its a dense article which goes into the historical and mathematicall properties of the electoral college...its a good read.)

Electors were supposed to consider each candidate’s merits more judiciously, not
blindly follow the popular will. Nowadays, of course, whoever wins the popular
vote in any state wins all the electoral votes in that state automatically... We no longer need human bodies to cast electoral ballots, [Alan] Natapoff [PHd.] says. That part of the system is indeed archaic. But it has worked beautifully, he insists, as a formula for converting one large national contest into 51 smaller elections in which individual voters have more clout. The Madisonian system, by requiring
candidates to win states on the way to winning the nation, has forced majorities
to win the consent of minorities, checked the violence of factions, and held the
country together

All in all - its a good discussion... the a gist is distilled to in a national election where we KNOW that it's going to be a close race...(e.g. 2000) then a direct vote would be best. However because we can't predict the future and the probablity that MY (or Your) vote would be the deciding vote is so miniscule ( say less than .00000002 %) in a direct vote; then we in fact have more power in an electoral college (or voting district.) Makes sense right?

Sorta...but then I start scratching my head and begin to think then how in the hell did 2000 happen?

I'm apt to believe that if it were an issue of a Blue state Versus a Red state... I'm not sure I'm all in for a purple state of being. Although my Frito-lay and Cheetos stock would make me an instant millionare.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

How late is too late?

And how late should you be willing to wait?

It's now an hour and a fourty minutes late and it has driven me to make note of it, here, now... in the middle of the Barns & Noble store, while using my blackberry device. (God I'm a geek)

Anyhow, personally I would have thought beyond the hour mark we'd be saying F*ck it and just eating instead of waiting...interminably waitng. All while being forced to listen to suedo-cool music from 1960 - 1995. This must be what purgatory is like.

Christ, can we at least go have a beer?

Friday, August 13, 2004


"Men within 30 miles of the blast will instantly turn queer!

By Nick Jefferies

EXTREMIST Muslim scientists are developing a bomb that turns anyone within a 30-mile radius of its blast into a homosexual, say U.S. Intelligence insiders...They believe that making more Americans gay will start civil war between gays and ultraconservatives," says one highly placed intelligence officer. "They also figure it will lead to a decrease in the U.S. population."...The explosive device is a foot long and shaped like a cigar with a pair of land mines at one end. Planes carrying the weapons will drop them on all major U.S. cities, except, of course, San Francisco, reveals the source.

The Gay Bomb will detonate the instant a heterosexual male steps on one of the mines, releasing potent waves of the female hormone estrogen into the air.

Within hours, heterosexual men will experience terrible urges like: "I'm dying to make out with my buddy in the next cubicle," and "I want a divorce from the witch I married," and "I wonder if I should redecorate the living room."

I'm shitting myself this is so hilarious....You've got to love the weekly world news. At least you've got to belive that they don't take themselves seriously. good good this is bad. But you;ve gotta read the entire article...if only for the picture.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Andy Dick - has lived up to his name

New York Post Online Edition: gossip Regarding TV Comic Andy Dick is that he went on a randy rampage at Suede early yesterday that ended after he burst into tears over the death of his friend Rick James and was thrown out of the Chelsea club by "Little Shop of Horrors" star Joey Fatone.

Dick, the star of MTV's "The Assistant," was desperately in need of a minion to get him under control as he tried to kiss any man or woman he bumped into, including "Austin Powers" actor Seth Green, rolled around on the men's room floor, and asked clubgoers if they had cocaine.

The vodka and cranberry-swilling comic then barricaded himself in Suede's dishwashing room and began sobbing uncontrollably about James, who died last week, reports an eyewitness who witnessed the meltdown. "My best friend is dead!" Dick wailed. "He's gone! He's dead! You don't understand! All my best friends die!"

Dick then handed a dishwasher a stack of $100 bills so he could "live in the room." When Fatone — whom Dick taunted as "Fat One" — and Suede owner Eytan Sugarman tried to coax him to leave, Dick said, "You don't want to push me around, because I'm perfectly capable of doing this" — and punched an unidentified friend standing next to him in the face.

Finally, Fatone, the former *NSYNC member who co-hosts a Tuesday night party at Suede with promoter Brandon Marcel, dragged the blubbering Dick outside with the help of Sugarman and loaded him into a cab in front of a crowd that included Green, Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd and MTV veejay Vanessa Minnillo. Green was overheard sputtering, "That guy tried to kiss me," as Dick was hauled past him.

But Dick's rowdy romp wasn't over yet. The former "News Radio" star, who has battled drug and alcohol abuse in the past, headed downtown to Plan B on Avenue B and promptly commenced smooching and slapping the people inside.

"He was obviously obliterated," Plan B co-owner Josh Boyd told us. "He jumped on the back of Jason Battle, my co-owner, and kept trying to kiss him. Then he started getting violent and bitch-slapping people.

"We finally quarantined him and put him in a separate room. But then he slipped outside and skipped out on his $300 bar tab. The last anyone saw of him, he was rolling around the street on Avenue B."

Dick's manager declined comment.

Our Great Intlelgence failure

For me... I am always more and more surprized about the growing littany of information that is building against the 2nd Bush administration and their intentional actions to tear us down. (to our smallest parts)

I came across this after looking at Air America Radio page, and it is the type of thing that drives me mad. We know about a man, well before his election to the position, and yet the bureacracy that is supposed to help us has kept our hands tied, rather than to ensure that we are being "watched out for"

I am spitting mad about orOur new CIA cheif. But I'm left feeling like "What can I do?"

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

bored, bored, bored!

I am trying to amuse myself with letters to editors of strange and far-fetched publications. (there is a greater possibility that I will get responded/printed to)

so am I bored. No more IM'ing allowed at work, and now I find that I have nothing to do. It makes for a very, very looooonnnng day.

maybe instead of sitting on my ass and complaining. I should try to work. Novel idea, though it is, it still feels pointless...futile, and generally useless.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Teen Bitten By Piranha In Fountain

For all those times when I thought I could just dive into the Fountains for money...not once did I ever think this would happen.

Teen Bitten By Piranha In Fountain Taken from the AP wire: Thursday, August 5, 2004

"HONG KONG -- A Hong Kong teenager reached into a fountain hoping to scoop up a fish but ended up being bitten by what turned out to be a man-eating piranha, officials said Tuesday.

The 14-year-old boy required three stitches to his left index finger but was not seriously injured in the attack early Monday morning, Housing Authority spokeswoman May Tham said.

A cleaning crew drained the fountain the next morning and found it had contained two piranhas -- apparently pets that had been abandoned in the fountain at a public housing project.

Ming Pao Daily News ran a photo of the dead piranhas and one of the boy, with his left hand in a sling and blood on his short pants."

Olymic Blog banning...

Som interesting news about the lack of Proper - unFiltered news regarding the Olympics...it's an interesting trail.

The news was posted from within Bloggers "offical" Olympic Blog that there wouldn't be any blogging alowed by any particpant.

It's related to the 2000 olympics. The IOC says it was a no-no back then. Stating that if a participant (say swimmer, or amature) did keep a "journal" that it would be tanamount to acting as a journalist...and that it would get you kicked out of the games.

Referenced from David Akin's Blog