Friday, August 31, 2007

From the MAN Psalm 12.5.1

This is kinda silly - but it still gave me a giggle

The profit word and powerpoint shall summon forth the powers of dos to banish the damon unix to the pits of mechanical relays, and lock the anti-os in the cave of bernoulli. It is here where ye damon unix shall do no harm the to the widow-lites. The herald excel came with a warning to the window-lites that the damon shall come speaking in the tongue of cobalt.

Call rebuke.bat
Call destroyunix.bat
Convert *man *dos

Coming from a nerdy back and forth about OS dominance

From time to time I get this IM from a friend of mine. They have been having a back and forth about which OS dominates - is perfect - is an embodiment of human kinds undoing... whatever...

this one was particularly funny... can you guess which OS he's defending?

from the MAN psalm 6.4.3
The naysayer and non believers of the on true OS are rough and in the end times shall ride with the ferryman 686 on the river of Cyrix and cast into the cast into the pits of Atari and judged by Ti 99/4a. Those deemed not worthy of redemption shall be banished to 3MHZ land of dementia.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rabbit proof-fence proving to be waterproof too...

The picture is a satellite image, above, and an aerial photograph of the rabbit-proof fence in Australia, separating dark native vegetation and light farmland.

Taken from New York Times:
The rabbit-proof fence — or bunny fence — in Western Australia was completed in 1907 and stretches about 2,000 miles. It acts as a boundary separating native vegetation from farmland. Within the fence area, scientists have observed a strange phenomenon: above the native vegetation, the sky is rich in rain-producing clouds. But the sky on the farmland side is clear.

we can't feed ourselves because in order to do so we are going to end up dehydrating ourselves at the same time...isn't that a nice beyotch slap in the face from mother earth.

Friday, August 10, 2007

evidence I am not a hater/crazy for dissin Lauryn Hill

Take one look, just one and tell me that I am not crazy.

taken from:

that's what I thought. you can't say nuthin. I want my money back.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


i love the muppets - and I miss them too