Thursday, December 13, 2007

i love my new company

Best Company Christmast gift EVAR!!

I think the entire company ran to the dispensation point like we were all in Kindergarten.

I don't think I've ever worked at such an awesome company before. Regardless, its better than the racial slurs and the bad hangover from bad wine I got last year!!!


Monday, December 03, 2007

part of me is overjoyed!!

The other part of me is convinced that its the sign of the coming apocolypse

There is an actual RPS -society - and this is not a desease....the actual rochambo game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

There is a society.

It is a recognized sport... ESPN actually covered the world championships.

Its international.

I'm having palpatations.

I could be a winner like this dude here:
and yes, he is in full pirate regalia, and he just won $7,000.

Don't you feel silly for not thinking of it first? If you don't I do.

ahhhh.... nice soothing music

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lol - more geekery

"War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength." [Big Brother]
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." [ Benjamin Franklin ]

Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

its all about being a Pilot for your P***y!! (verbage NSFW)

Just as a precaution don't play this loud at work.. no this is not a 2 girls & a cup situation...more funny beacuse she is totally committed to educating about Vagina Power.

Halloween 2004

Halloween 015
Halloween 015,
originally uploaded by kizzy.
ahh... the last great Halloween adventure... when Halloween on the Castro ended in someone forgetting to take their costume off - and dialing drunken to friends while traipsing about the flat in their unders... can you guess who I'm talking about here???


originally uploaded by kizzy.
dang... that's all I gotta say


originally uploaded by kizzy.
The definition of the open road... nowhere for miles, no one for miles!


originally uploaded by kizzy.
I had forgotten about some of these photos...This was from a fool-hardy road trip that I took with two of my mates back in '03 - nearly 4 years ago to the SW... the trust-dusty Toyota and three people with no good sense....ahhh the good old days.

Friday, November 09, 2007

From the book of THE MAN

Ye followers of Unix shall be banished to the deepest pits of tartarus. Bond to ribbon strip printing
Kenneth Greer: Follow if idol worshipers and false Gods of Windows shall drink not of the cup of knowledge but be forever strapped to punch cards and sent adrift of the 8Hz land of Coleco

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Cocktail Competition at Rye Bar

San Francisco’s top mixologists will be competing next Monday to create the best cocktail featuring Gosling’s Rum.

Cocktails will be judged on originality, personality, functionality
(can this drink be made in any well stocked bar?), compatibility of ingredients…and of course, taste!

Judges for the competition include: yours truly (City Dish), Deborah Parker Wong (Patterson’s The Tasting Panel Magazine), Lisa Park (7×7 Magazine online food editor), and other people who know much more about making tasty cocktails than I do.

There is NO COVER CHARGE to attend.
Guests will get to sample all the cocktail entries. Plus, Rye will be offering Gosling’s Rum drink specials all night long. Come watch me drink on the job while alienating some of the city’s best bartenders. I can’t wait!

WHEN: Monday, November 5th.
Contest begins at 7PM

688 Geary St. @ Leavenworth
(415) 786-7803

Friday, October 12, 2007

From Story of THE MAN:

The angel AIX came done and spoke to me he sayeth "Seek out HP_UX is it the greatest of them all and he willed show the way to the true path of enlightenment. For there are many evils out there; devils that shall make you stay from carrying light or the true OS." Those unbelievers and devils helpers like DOS and Widoz may try to turn you away but listen NOT for there works are like poison fraught with GPFs and stack dumps. The are fouls and evil and belong in the land to CP/M and Ti99/4a. Not worthy of the undying lands of memory management true multitasking and real updates.  

Saturday, October 06, 2007

i said yes....

I said yes, when i could have said 'maybe'...The story goes....

I was working late at the office. I am on the ground level, and have floor to ceiling windows that are about 20 ft. high. All day long I am on the other side of the fishbowl, looking out. I normally work with earplugs and a headset on as there is construction going on right next to my window. As a result of the noise and the visual distractions, I prefer to work late. Primarily because after 5 pm the office manager comes around and closes the shades, and by then the construction work has stopped.

I hear a loud "bang, bang, bang" at the window right behind my desk. Normally I ignore it, as it tends to be a random stranger knocking on the glass to see if something happens...(Incidentally I have a newfound respect for goldfish.) But it was repeated after a few seconds. "Oh - kay? this person is being annoying. If I'm lucky, I'll open the curtains to get them to go away." I think to myself that this person is going to be sorry when they see my mean lookin' mug staring them down.

I swipe aside the curtains to see Kenneth, standing at the window holding a little blue box, a hang-dog look on his face ad a sign that says:

Will you marry me? (please check one)

I giggled, came outside and said yes... so now you know the story....

He also proposed to me three months earlier - while I was standing in front of his family homestead. At the time I was covered in bug bites, and sweating my dignity away, and quickly melting onto the asphalt... I said yes then, but the ring didn't fit, due to swolen fingers and a lack of sizing prior to the ring purchase. So this second proposal story is is not the original one - but certainly the cuter of the two proposals I can now say I've had. It was much shorter and doesn't involve me being indecent due to the heat, and wild mosquitoes, and attacking wasps.

No dates yet - this was only about 3+ weeks ago. But we are thinking some time next year. I'll keep everyone posted.

thanks in advance.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More from the book of DOS

his-greatness: FROM THE BOOK OF DOS1.

Looking - searching and not finding anything

Its been some time since I've had the opportunity to think about that’s a lie. I've been thinking about this for some time. This has been a thorn in my side for awhile and I feel that there is some necessary BS that I  need to get off my chest. Because it's been bothering me.

I can't afford to live in San Francisco anymore, and it pisses me off.

There are lots of reasons why - but the simple fact remains that San Francisco is turning into SF/NYC. All we're missing is that extra letter to complete the an acronym. (it's probably going to be SFc or SFO like the airport.) Quaintly we locals have been calling it "the city" for some time, and every other surrounding "burrow" as The towns. But I think we all know specifically who I'm referring to. Oakland or oak-town…

The frustration level is building because I'm looking to buy. Looking to buy into that all elusive promise of ownership - that promise of a piece of something that belongs to me. Not something I inherited. I never wanted to be that person - that gift-taker the unloving, ungrateful kid who takes without giving. But the way things are looking it may end up that way…

It's intensely frustrating. But its heart warming to know I'm not alone:


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm all about free...

This Friday in SF - there is going to be a jumbo-tron simulcast of SF Opera's Samson & Delilah.
Normally good seats at the War Memorial Opera House go for about $100 a piece.

And since I'm not well connected enough to know someone to get me in for free I thought it might be helpful to those of you who are artistically inclined - but are too cheap (read poor) to support the arts to the degree you'd like to.

So this shindig is free. All you need to do is show. Be artsy - all while chugging a beer and chowing down on a good 'ol park dog. Ahh... the most excellent mixture of high refinement and regular relaxation... Personally I think that "classical" art forms would be better appreciated if they'd simply let us arrive in our Sunday morning attire.

the deets: Samson and Delilah @ AT&T park Friday night (9/28/07) 7 pm Price: FREE
The link:

Here's for free! anything...

Friday, August 31, 2007

From the MAN Psalm 12.5.1

This is kinda silly - but it still gave me a giggle

The profit word and powerpoint shall summon forth the powers of dos to banish the damon unix to the pits of mechanical relays, and lock the anti-os in the cave of bernoulli. It is here where ye damon unix shall do no harm the to the widow-lites. The herald excel came with a warning to the window-lites that the damon shall come speaking in the tongue of cobalt.

Call rebuke.bat
Call destroyunix.bat
Convert *man *dos

Coming from a nerdy back and forth about OS dominance

From time to time I get this IM from a friend of mine. They have been having a back and forth about which OS dominates - is perfect - is an embodiment of human kinds undoing... whatever...

this one was particularly funny... can you guess which OS he's defending?

from the MAN psalm 6.4.3
The naysayer and non believers of the on true OS are rough and in the end times shall ride with the ferryman 686 on the river of Cyrix and cast into the cast into the pits of Atari and judged by Ti 99/4a. Those deemed not worthy of redemption shall be banished to 3MHZ land of dementia.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rabbit proof-fence proving to be waterproof too...

The picture is a satellite image, above, and an aerial photograph of the rabbit-proof fence in Australia, separating dark native vegetation and light farmland.

Taken from New York Times:
The rabbit-proof fence — or bunny fence — in Western Australia was completed in 1907 and stretches about 2,000 miles. It acts as a boundary separating native vegetation from farmland. Within the fence area, scientists have observed a strange phenomenon: above the native vegetation, the sky is rich in rain-producing clouds. But the sky on the farmland side is clear.

we can't feed ourselves because in order to do so we are going to end up dehydrating ourselves at the same time...isn't that a nice beyotch slap in the face from mother earth.

Friday, August 10, 2007

evidence I am not a hater/crazy for dissin Lauryn Hill

Take one look, just one and tell me that I am not crazy.

taken from:

that's what I thought. you can't say nuthin. I want my money back.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


i love the muppets - and I miss them too

Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm not alone - this is just getting sadder.

There is more coming in over the interwebs about how bad of a show Lauryn Hill put on on July 27th at the paramount:

I Use to Love Her, But Now I Don’t: The Bay Area’s Falling Out with Lauryn Hill By K.R. Fardy

MissInfo.Tv: Lauryn Hill’s embarrassing show in Oakland…no more making excuses for her

The Concert Blog with Jim Harrington:The Misadventures of Lauryn Hill

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Such a shame it's all gone to pot....

I was hyped. I had tickets to see one of the "once great" artists of my era. I was going to see Lauryn Hill in one of my most favorite venues - the Paramount theater in Oakland.

But I didn't see her. I saw a shell. I saw a sham, and heard an old, drunken/stoned mess. It was bad, so bad that I had to feel shame for her back-up band, the promoters, and even shame that the Paramount had to be host to such a horrible act.

Ms. Thang has gotten too big for her boots.

First of all she had the gaul to get all 'diva' and arrive a full 2 and 1/2 hour late. Let me make this clear... two and one half hours after her scheduled time to perform. I recognize that musicians believe that they have the license to show late for performances, and it is a given that I had expected her to get on stage around 9 pm. Not 10 pm. She didn't set foot on stage till 10 pm.

Not only that - but her opener was incoherent, garbled and much too loud. Never mind that it was the excellent back-up band that was doing the work. Not even 2 minutes into the song she was dabbing her self with a towel - sweating profusely and looking as if she was going through the shakes... It was pitiful. After the much too long song finally ended she was asking the sound engineer for more "voice..." that she couldn't hear herself in the monitors. Or maybe it was wishful thinking that she simply didn't believe that she was just that bad.

I held out hope - I knew in my heart that "this can't be it...I've got to wait and see what happens...this is going to get better..." I made my boyfriend wait out a few more songs in anticipation that she would get better - or play the songs I had waited to hear - and bless him he waited for me.

By the second song - not more than a few moments into it I had begun to loose hope. She countered the now sitting crowd with "lets give them something they recognize."

What? Wait... no it doesn't work that way. You are the PAID performer. I gave you MY hard earned coin, now its your turn. So get up there and dance, monkey! Slap those cymbals, and do as I expect.

I had lost hope at that point. I wanted to believe in her ability to win over the crowd with her lovely voice - but that lovely voice wasn't there. It was a hoarse, broken and not up to the task of holding the appreciation of this crowd. Myself included. She broke into a fatal version of "Final Hour" and for much of the crowd it was their final hour. They had waited too long for this poor showing to stand it any longer. People started to leave.

One more, just one more, please!?!?! I begged my boyfriend to stay. He agreed, and then it happened. in the midst of the song - she fell flat on her back. literaly. She fell on stage. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to go. This was not the powerful - graceful - soulful woman I remember from 10 years ago. This was just a bad clown show.

In the lobby people were lining up at the box office demanding their money back. I considered waiting with them - then realized the futilty of it. I left. Hurt and saddened.

I will mourn her as if she were dead.
RIP Lauyrn Hill 2007.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

because I like potatoes

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Update: (716) 650-6240

So I've left this little link alone for some time - but I'm realizing that this is the one entry that has managed to help more than anything else. - so culled from the original posting here is what I've managed to find:
  1. Debt collection communication should be in writing. You can deny any receipt of a call. The FTC requires a debt collection agency to reply if you have made this request.
  2. If these guys won't leave you alone you try to stop it sending them a registered letter to cease and desist from calling you anymore under the FTC for Unfair Telemarketing/Collection practices. (its important that you send it registered... it's more 'legal' then...)
  3. You can report them to the BBB for Buffalo, NY. The compliance officer is Mr. Paul F Labaki
A quick search online shows this:
National Action Financial Services, Inc.
165 Lawrence Bell Drive Suite 100
Williamsville, NY 14221
Erie County, New York

This Business Operates under the Names
Finance Services;N A F S; National Action Financial Services, Inc.; Sitel Corp.

They notorious bottom feeders. They by old debts at a discount (that are past the statute of limitations which cannot be persued in court) and try to collect the entire face value of the debt anyway from unsuspecting people.
- taken from

So what have we learned... ignore them. If they don't go away - push them out of their own foxhole by forcing them to deal with the nastyness they try and use on you. Be smarter than these fools.

take care!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have got to tell you this is soooo geeky its adorable. Unfortch - its only a prototype, and doesn't exist in real life... but here is someone thinking about utility and design at the same time.

one of those "damn, why didn't I think of that" thingies...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


originally uploaded by jakesmome.
leave it to the lego's to make it more fun, than it is in real life!


originally uploaded by Rnout.

i never thought that nudism or Germans would be int he same sentence... wait maybe I did....

Friday, April 20, 2007

a great article and read

Now a bit of disclosure.... I am in love with Saul Williams' writings... perhaps even his mind.

He has always had the ability to efficiently tear into your head and get to the specifics of the emotions. His ability to get the comparison that to this point I have always been aware of - but been unable to voice makes me love him that much more.

I would strongly suggest that you read the open letter to Ms. Winfrey that Saul Williams writes her about Hip-Hop and our Current Adminstration.

I only hope it makes you think,maybe even react.

One can only hope.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Graphic representations of how we're grabbing our ankles

Found this link thanks to MetaFilter... Its been awhile since I've been on that site.
Its always been a great source for information but also so very inflammatory...

this link:
only makes me more mad... particularly the lack of Education and Health funding and the deluge of monies spent on defense.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

after one month

and no tears.

This is a good sign. The fact that I feel compelled to work because I care to make the product good, not because I have a deadline that asolutely must be met.

this is a nice change.

That and I have congratulations to offer to my mates: You're married! geeze who'da thunk that you would have gotten married? (actually I lie...I did!)

I'm going to have fun celebrating their good times!! yay!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

if only life didn't imitate art.

or art imitating life.... The superbowl ads from spoke a truth that I was laughing at while I watched, and then cried a little when I realized that this was more real to life than I realized.

Promotion Pit:

Training Seminar:

Performance Evaluation:

Its more than a little sad because I can see this happening every day. And its going to hurt us all.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I quit!!!

Yep. Literally. I just walked out of my job today. It was both terrifying and liberating. I decided that I had enough trauma and pain from this stinking job and so I quit.

Actually I had a plan. I had been planning for quite some time and had decided that today was THE day. I had so many auspicious signs.... Full moon, Start of a new month (Black History Month at that) That and my 30 day probation was about up anyway.

I should give you some background. On January 2nd, right after a very long new years, where I managed to work about 95 hours to finish a project that I had been tasked.... I arrived into work at 9 am, exhausted. I got in did the usual ritual of saying hello and then turning on my computer to check my mail. There it was... the e-mail. It said to come up to a meeting at 11 am for a performance review, not to prepare anything but to be on time.

I panicked. how you deal with an e-mail first thing in the morning when you're exhausted? I did the best thing I could do. I frantically asked my coworkers, " was this the norm? " "Is this how the performance reviews are conducted? " I've never been in a situation like this before and I was freaking out. In the meantime, my boss was out, Her boss was inaccessible. I had no one to turn to and was at a complete loss. Even now just thinking about it is causing knots in my stomach. I couldn't have been in a worse situation. I had a massive deadline due and I couldn't focus. So I paced and I paced, wearing a circle in the rug

I go up to a meeting room at 11 a.m. Sitting there were both my boss and her manager, across the table looking stern and calm. I approached hesitant and sat down . I was immediately informed that this was my performance review. I tried to keep my composure during the course of the presentation. I found out that they were displeased with my work. So displeased in fact, that they found it "unacceptable" and "subpar." When I asked for details. I was informed that I had been polled prior about this very same information. (Turns out, Halloween was my first verbal warning, but I was never told it was my warning, and never got any documentation that it was.)

On top of that they slid a big document across the table at me and asked me to read it and then sign it. I read it. it was the standard fare of HR documents, but in addition there was a typed up single page note. It was so scathing and so personal that it felt personal. In this letter, my manager accused me specifically of holding up the project, and went so far to say "I no longer had faith in her abilities to finish the work."

I was horrified. I had no real response. It was as if someone had hit me in the gut kicked me in the face slapped me around and told me my mother was a cheap whore. All of those hours for nothing! It was so virulent it astounded me. I was told I should sign it immediately on recognition of excepting this document. I told them I didn't feel comfortable signing it. I said, that I'd like to take it away and look it over it before I sign anything. I was immediately told "there would be no more meetings, we can stay here all day if we need to."

My heart was in my throat, and you know me I hate confrontation. So I signed the document just to get out of there, realizing I had signed my doom.

It was a 30 day performance plan, where their immediate suggestions for my improvement included:
  • Send all written material to my manager for review prior to distribution.
  • Reach out to my manager should I feel I need assistance
I wish I were joking. This is verbatim from the "performance improvement" document. I don't know about you but that does not look like any plan for professional improvement. If their complaint was the unsatisfactory nature of my work, how does my sending all of my work to my manager rectify that issue?

Regardless, I had been planning to leave for some time. You can see on the entry from December 29 that I had already been considering leaving. This is simply the kick in the ass that I needed to get out. In that respect, they were nice enough to give me 30 days to find another job. So I took the opportunity and I got down to my new task with a new urgency. I needed to escape. Iworked sparingly in the meantime, but I wasn't really there.

I started applying to jobs furiously and surprisingly I got quite a few callbacks quickly. The larger project i had been busting my back on, went live in January 15. Although I had to work on Martin Luther King holiday. So my manager made a exchange for January 29 and offered the 24th through the 26th as comp time "for all our hard work."

I used my comp time appropriately. I went out for 4 interviews. It turns out I am a desirable property to another company, and they made an offer within 72 hours.

It was just a matter of deciding when to leave my current job. I decided today, and I decided to be worse than they were. I left a note on my desk for my boss when I left for lunch at noon. I don't think she's found out about it yet. I sent a delayed e-mail to the HR manager at 5 p.m.. If she doesn't know by now. She's the idiot I always suppose she is.

It doesn't matter now I'm free.