Friday, October 03, 2003

Okay in an effort to show that I am somewhat inclined to being hip (okay keep the sniggering down you!)
I am now happily plugging along on the web when I encounter a new voice.

ernie halter.

he's good.

AND he's white...although until I saw a picture I was CONVINCED that he had some flava to savaahh...

Now I normally don't ever expect to find good stuff on even I know that my Bathroom voice should never be heard outside the shower. Nevertheless he has a real talent and musicanship that anyone could appreciate. I gotta give my props since I ducked out of the singing gig and am now exclusively maligned to the Birthday singing and Windows-UP car singing.

so now That I've sufficently last one...go to and download some songs...

that and

I got a new tooooyyyy/bright and shiiinnnnyy new toooyyy
and I'm gonna play it till myyyy batteries diiiiieeeee!

*skips away frantically * - aren't YOU Jealous of my new iPod?!?!? Ain't it sexy?!?!?!

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