Thursday, March 11, 2004

I don't know if I'm getting hooked or not, but I think regardless I'm falling in love with a laptop...And its not my own...

- silly isn't it that there is the likelihood that I could be such a geek as to fall for a laptop. Actually it isn't mine its for a company that I'm contracting for. But they are so silly - they didn't have me sign any release for it - nor did they even ask that I hand over my firstborn for it. Kinda odd - just showed up when I was told and then they gave it to me. Kinda nice - would be great if that was what it was like all over.

Other great news - a long lost friend from Australia has come to visit. I'm showing her around the bay area so that she can get an idea of what it's really like to live here - actually I'm lying - I'm taking her to all the requisite showy spots so that she falls in love with the place and won't want to leave. That's my hope. Actually while I've been doing all this - She suggested that maybe I should open up a tours organization for 20-somethings on a budget. I think that mum would love it. It'd be great - rent the room for a few weeks - then get the girl or guy a great tour - then send them off on a bus. Personally it sounds exactly like what I should be doing anyway considering whenever I have a friend who is visiting it's what I end doing anyway - why not get paid for it. HA! (it'd be seasonal work anyway - so no guarantee that I'd even have consistent work.) But its a thought all the same. Keep me in shape that's for damn sure. Would be nice

- go along - take pictures, give local history, be a a general guru - then send them off to the next location - some place like NM - and 'em off to my brother...That might be kinda nice. hmmm....Now if only that hampster would stop churning around in my head.

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