Wednesday, July 14, 2004

so am I going crazy - or is Big Brother (not TM) really there?

As I've come to realize during the day to day monotony of white color labor...

I am trapped. I am cornered. I am being constantly watched and under the "protective" glaring eye of...everyone.

Part of it, no heck Most of it, is of my own doing. It's my own damn fault that I appreciate technology and what it can offer me in the way of virtual gratification. (take note of the virtual...I've never gotten a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup to instantaneously appear whenever I've registered to their stupid website.) That and I really like to espouse my own opinion to the widest possible group. (i.e. blogging)

So okay - here's the impetus for this blog...If you consider what you actually do in a days work, how much of your personality is actually transmitted through the computer through website visits, e-mails created, documents stored, and general feckery (as some of my favorite brits call slacking) its pretty scary to realize that all of that information is trackable. It IS storable, sortable, and cross-reference-able it is possible that you can create a plausable history of someone and who they are based generally on just that information.

That, and there is so much other stuff that you may not even know is out there - nefarious little spyware programs whittling away at your computer. Infesting the delicate little diorama you may have created to make your computer feel less the mechanical tool that it is and more like an extension of yourself. Nevermind what your company may be doing to you - like tracking your every move - shadowing what you are doing watching carefully what you have done so that when it comes down to it -

you are not you.

You belong to everyone and cannot belong to yourself because you have given up all of yourself unintentionally.

so...does that make me crazy to believe that I am not me - because I do not know who knows about me and I cannot control who sees what about me? Or possibly that this isn't even me?

uh yeah. I need to get out more...that and I think I need a glass of wine.

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