Friday, June 03, 2005

engrish - keeps it real

Oh how I do love And it makes me so happy to see that they are keepin it real! and keep on going.

But to know that they are keeping on with just faith? Isn't this the very thing that these lovely condoms are supposed to be preventing? That morning after prayer when the condom breaks and you are on your knees re-finding your religion and praying to god for help?

I dunno. I'm a confused by the marketing here. We could be keeping on faith, maybe that's not the point...But you gotta give it to the Japanese. Even they Recognize! And show Respect! Because there is something to be said about the power of BLACK!

But too bad that everyone is Brack...instead of Black, since it's obvious from the box, that its the Black people who are gettin it the most, and who are obviously the coolest.

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