Monday, September 18, 2006

Work drama!

Updates? nothing big, but its everything to do with the fact that I haven't worked at a large company...ever. So all of this, everyday of this, is new to me. Now whether or not this is good - has yet to be determined. Regardless I am beginning to see that what it does mean is that I am going to have to learn how to fight my way out of the muck and find a nice little spot on a rock above it all.

How long that will take? I'm not sure. Regardless I'm going to have to get on it. I need to find that little place of isolation where the rest of this can't reach me. Now I don't actually think that this will or even could happen. I'm not that stupid.

Anyway.. week 4 and still am feeling completely clueless and haven't got a firm grip on the reality that is quickly forming around me. and Bam!! thrust into it. I'm doing slip-shod work 'cause I have no guidance and an overwhelming sense that something...anything needs to simply be produced. (which in the end isn't great.)

The Background:
Day one - walk through the door... and get the preverbial "hot potato." My boss wants me to re-work a program and deliver it in two weeks. I say okay, not even having sat down at my computer to establish what my freakin login is. When I do get the chance to sit down and take a look at this "thing" that she wants me to rework...there is no way on gods green earth that it can be done. I have no superpowers. (boy I wish I did though...probably the ability to stop time... that always seemed cool...)

I get a new estimate for my boss cobbled together...but this is based on the prospect that I have at least 3 other people helping me out on this. I set the date for the end of September. I get to work trying to find out who can help me. nobody bites. Now everyone is very helpful in offering they "assistance" but I find that this translates to, "I will tell you what I could do If I was re-creating this, but I cant actually help you do anything." SO I'm going it on my own. I think that I can actually do it, so I break my back and work for nearly 3 weeks straight...bringing work home every evening and in many cases waking up early to get to work by 6:30 am.

I send out the best alpha versions of the program that I can slap-dash together in about 5 days and no tools. (they can't install the software I need to develop this crappy program because of some beauracratic bullshit number was placed in the wrong field...)

I ask for feedback... I say two days (since it's just a review...real quick , I think) 8 days later I get the feedback I need. I now have to adjust my schedule because of this time warp that everyone else was in (8 days = 2 days) and then proceed to update my boss on the situation. I kow-tow as best I can and explain to the best of my abilities that "I was too agressive with my timelines." Cross my fingers and press the send button. Two minutes later I get a phone call...

long story short... the e-mail got circulated all the way up to the director of the department. Now Instead of a simple time adjustment I'm seen as gumming up the works...when in fact it was never me to begin with.

I'm coping with it. I'm passing the buck as best I can...but it still sucks. "It's only my fourth week" i keep having to remind myself. But thats beginnging to sound like a simpering whiney reply to "get to work."


I only hope that it doesn't stay this way.

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