Friday, November 24, 2006

new toys and Turkey hangovers

okay so it's been a while and I apologize I have been no other excuse is other than the truth. I have a brand-new toy now, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 and of course I am using this as an opportunity to play with it and test it out. it's working pretty good so far and truthfully it would be nice if I could get it to work with everything I use on a regular basis.

now as for productivity lord only knows. It may actually be worse for me simply because it allows my mind wander while I'm trying to get my thoughts in order which is of course never is easy as you think. it is until you suddenly are given the liberties to do whatever you want with your hands instead of focusing on typing. maybe doing the keyboard tap dance it may not always be bad.

anyway, back to real deal. Yesterday was turkey day, and I'm hoping that you like I, stuffed ourselves silly. I'm lying because I was good and did not proceed to eat my weight in food, at least not at the dinner table. so therefore doesn't really count as stuffing myself and I don't care what you say that's the truth I'm sticking to.

I took my mother to my boyfriend's family's home before the meal, and it seemed like everything was okay. I'm not certain however simply because there is the possibility that my mother felt some awkwardness at being the only white woman at the meal. It's a new experience for her as it is always been the opposite for me being the only biracial girl that most appeals. She was quite quiet, in fact much quieter than I have ever seen her. However, that may just be simply because my boyfriend's family are quite talkative. I'm going to chalk it up to nervousness. In which case that makes the evening even more delicious simply for the nerve factor.

I only hope they were impressed with my abilities to talk smack with the rest of them. Remember I am still a white girl at heart and I'm learning.

So much for keeping it real.

You stay well and healthy don't forget to jog off those extra 5 pounds that you gained yesterday I hope to hear from everyone ,when they get the chance. you can use the comments or you can e-mail me as I do check my mail. Not regularly, when it's only necessary. much love from the left Coast

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