Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Update: (716) 650-6240

So I've left this little link alone for some time - but I'm realizing that this is the one entry that has managed to help more than anything else. - so culled from the original posting here is what I've managed to find:
  1. Debt collection communication should be in writing. You can deny any receipt of a call. The FTC requires a debt collection agency to reply if you have made this request.
  2. If these guys won't leave you alone you try to stop it sending them a registered letter to cease and desist from calling you anymore under the FTC for Unfair Telemarketing/Collection practices. (its important that you send it registered... it's more 'legal' then...)
  3. You can report them to the BBB for Buffalo, NY. The compliance officer is Mr. Paul F Labaki
A quick search online shows this:
National Action Financial Services, Inc.
165 Lawrence Bell Drive Suite 100
Williamsville, NY 14221
Erie County, New York

This Business Operates under the Names
Finance Services;N A F S; National Action Financial Services, Inc.; Sitel Corp.

They notorious bottom feeders. They by old debts at a discount (that are past the statute of limitations which cannot be persued in court) and try to collect the entire face value of the debt anyway from unsuspecting people.
- taken from

So what have we learned... ignore them. If they don't go away - push them out of their own foxhole by forcing them to deal with the nastyness they try and use on you. Be smarter than these fools.

take care!

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