Friday, August 31, 2007

Coming from a nerdy back and forth about OS dominance

From time to time I get this IM from a friend of mine. They have been having a back and forth about which OS dominates - is perfect - is an embodiment of human kinds undoing... whatever...

this one was particularly funny... can you guess which OS he's defending?

from the MAN psalm 6.4.3
The naysayer and non believers of the on true OS are rough and in the end times shall ride with the ferryman 686 on the river of Cyrix and cast into the cast into the pits of Atari and judged by Ti 99/4a. Those deemed not worthy of redemption shall be banished to 3MHZ land of dementia.


Nemesis said...

AHHH HEMMM I resent that remark "nerdy". You just don't know a great debate when you see one. we are not nerds, just because we having a deep philisophical debate over which OS is better. Your comments sounds that of blashemous rhetoric of a person whom attended a snooty private school like vassar or Stanford.

kizzy said...

just because I didn't have the pleasure to attend a school that ranked at the bottom of pile - doesn't mean that I attended a snooty private school. I'm a publick skool kid.