Saturday, October 06, 2007

i said yes....

I said yes, when i could have said 'maybe'...The story goes....

I was working late at the office. I am on the ground level, and have floor to ceiling windows that are about 20 ft. high. All day long I am on the other side of the fishbowl, looking out. I normally work with earplugs and a headset on as there is construction going on right next to my window. As a result of the noise and the visual distractions, I prefer to work late. Primarily because after 5 pm the office manager comes around and closes the shades, and by then the construction work has stopped.

I hear a loud "bang, bang, bang" at the window right behind my desk. Normally I ignore it, as it tends to be a random stranger knocking on the glass to see if something happens...(Incidentally I have a newfound respect for goldfish.) But it was repeated after a few seconds. "Oh - kay? this person is being annoying. If I'm lucky, I'll open the curtains to get them to go away." I think to myself that this person is going to be sorry when they see my mean lookin' mug staring them down.

I swipe aside the curtains to see Kenneth, standing at the window holding a little blue box, a hang-dog look on his face ad a sign that says:

Will you marry me? (please check one)

I giggled, came outside and said yes... so now you know the story....

He also proposed to me three months earlier - while I was standing in front of his family homestead. At the time I was covered in bug bites, and sweating my dignity away, and quickly melting onto the asphalt... I said yes then, but the ring didn't fit, due to swolen fingers and a lack of sizing prior to the ring purchase. So this second proposal story is is not the original one - but certainly the cuter of the two proposals I can now say I've had. It was much shorter and doesn't involve me being indecent due to the heat, and wild mosquitoes, and attacking wasps.

No dates yet - this was only about 3+ weeks ago. But we are thinking some time next year. I'll keep everyone posted.

thanks in advance.


Nemesis said...

LIES ALL Lies falsehoods and Fabrications!!!! I demand that you recant what you have said. That is a sappy waterdown girlie version of what really happened. My cousin would never do such a thing. The real story was he came in and demanded no told you that you was going to marry him. And gave you a a fun-yun to wear as a ring. Then proceeded to drag you out of your cube by your hair. Like a real Greer man. And took you home and put you to work in his kitchen. He then commenced to read from the duties of the woman of any self proclaimed bachelor from great book of DOS. As she fixed his dinner lunch and breakfast along with other womenly duties of Ken's bidding.

kizzy said...

you can try to doubt it all you want...but your cousin is a softy at heart. He knows his place is Next to a woman, not in front.
'cause if he stands in front - he gets kicked in the rear more often that he'd like

Bri said...

Your cousin also doesn't know how to LISTEN. I told his goofy butt to wait until Kira was away one day and size the ring to one that she had in her jewely box.

Congrats Kira! Paul and I hope to see you guys soon!