Thursday, February 13, 2003

What I have learned since monday;
1. NEVER EVER buy anything online with your checking debit card.
2. ALWAYS keep your recipts for the expensive items
3. trust no one.

I got e-robbed. More literally I got e-raped. Some one, we don't know who (but if I ever find you I hope and pray to god that Amnesty International never finds out what I'm going to do to you) stole all my money. ALL OF IT. I am now "Officially" piss poor. The fucked up thing about it is because I belong to a smaller bank and not one of those monster-conglomerates they're going to treat this as an ATM error and not as fraud, which it is. So that means that I don't get my money back in 3 to 4 weeks. It of course fucks up all my plans that I did have to visit the LA area so that I could stalk my favorite stars, drive drunken down Hwy 1 and get plastic sugery.

fuck. This fucking sucks. But on the bright side of it all I got some free drinks out of my friends.

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