Monday, February 03, 2003

oh god.

this is horrible, simply because it only reminds me of our fallability which wages war against our innate desire to move beyond the known world.

I remember the challenger. I will remember the columbia.
It is a horrible thing that our faith in technology can only take us so far and so much rests on pure chance.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to prostletize my luddite tendencies, its just I get this feeling like we (as an organism) are pushing beyond what we are capable of doing. That technology has only provided the means to more, but we have not had the opportunity to all learn from what we have been given. I could lie and say that I wished for a simpler time, but that isn't possible. I was moved to tears when I was listening to NPR this morning.

Rick Husband was the commander of the space shuttle columbia. He had always wanted to be an astronaut. It was his dream, it was his goal, since he was 4 years old. He applied 4 times before he was accepted to NASA. Until later in life he became to realize that being an astronaut was not the ultimate goal. The day before he was to leave on his mission he recorded a video tape which was replayed at his memorial. The gist was that he had come to the realization that being an astronaut was not his goal. He was to be a good and loving father, a good and loving husband and a glowing example of what a good man could be.

Peace be with you, Columbia shuttle crew.

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