Saturday, July 12, 2003

This is supposed to be a mark on the wall to note a progression. At least that is what these "journals" or logs are supposed to commemorate. You re-read them in a moment of self indulgence and then you are supposed to look whimsically back upon the life lessons that you've learned from that point in your life.

But I guess I missed that day in school. I never was good at my lessons.

I'm exactly where I was about 8 years ago. But without the benefit of 100 miles distance and a couple of dollars in my pocket. 8 years ago was shite. and I thought that I would never have to live through something like that again. now granted this is not exactly like what happened then, but its still is not great. I'm not thinking clearly, (although I suppose that I never did) and I continue to have delusions of some victorian ideal... some silly made up story in my head that I'm desperately trying to convince myself is real. Good lord I'm so lame.

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