Monday, August 04, 2003

oy! (With jewish accent intact) I've met a nice boy. He's shy...and as a result I'm already bored, or scared. I can't really make up my mind yet. Odd that I'm feeling this way. He's attractive and so automatically I'm wondering why he finds me attractive, because in my own minds eye I'm fucked up. Really fucked up. That and I'm brooding. I always am brooding when I have NO money and tons of time.

- if you can't tell I'm still unemployed. Still looking and still having no success at getting employment. Its one third lazyness, one third half hearted attempts to get employment and the last third shitty job market. All things being equal means that I won't have work for some time...only more expenses.

- on another note, because I am unemployed I thought that it'd be a great idea to go on a road trip to Mt. Shasta....I should have known better. I have never ventured into that particular part of Northern California without some dilemma occuring to the car that I am traveling in. (actually this is the only time that this has happened to me, but I KNOW when to throw in the towel. Nature just doesn't want me there.) so here are the abbreviated details: Unintentionally went off-roading in a 98 VW Golf; Lost a piece of steel from the undercarriage while off-roading; got very-very lost in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest; managed to get back to the paved road only to get a massive flat on the left front tire. But being a natural with car incidents, (I owned a ford escort hatchback prior to my VW) I was able to get my tire changed in 5 minutes flat. Not good enough for the Brickyard pit crew or anything...but damned good for a car filled to the brim with camping equipment and other "goodies" Not joking either. I had my friend time me. 5 Minutes....hmmm

- regardless: this guy...dunno. he's cute, but (and yes his is cute) it's only been the third time I've seen him - actually the first when there wasn't 20 or so other people around goading me to find out if I thought that he was nice. It was a set-up originally - a set up that almost didn't happen. But its a good distraction all around.

- sarcasam aside: rent's due, I'm broke, and my pimp's about to come-a-callin. gotta go.

*edit: I've just re-read my short-list, of course the only one that I've been only slightly succesful at is getting to the gym 2x's a week. gotta keep working on the rest.

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