Monday, September 29, 2003

So things are plodding along.

Job (check)
Opposite sex (check)
Money (check)
Good Health check. Sort of.

The point being that I was plodding along and was not paying attention last week. I WAS plodding along minding my own, and then the klutzy-inevitable happened. I banged my toe. But this time I banged it good enough to pull the nail off...of my big toe. *sigh* although at the time sighing was not exactly what I was engaged it.

more like a turretsian fit of expletives flowing from my mouth. I wish that I could say that it was a rare sight. Unfortunately for me...its pretty common to see me doing this exact thing. Swearing a blue streak as the result of my own inability to understand my personal spatial relations with the rest of the world.

god damn I'm klutzy.

I'm surprized that I haven't ended up in traction or a full body cast already. 'Cause it feels like I'm headed in that direction already.

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