Wednesday, January 14, 2004

on the hunt again for work has made me realize how much random shit I have laying around the house that I have never gotten to.

you know what I mean...that pile of papers you'd like to call junk, but the power company, the phone company and the cable company like to call bills and last notices? not to mention the requisite thank you letters that you're supposed to be sending to all those people who actually remembered you this year and gave you presents - not not just the ones who are supposed to send you things but the unexpected ones who did as well this year.

nevermind cleaning up. GOD damned this infernal desire to make sure that things don't start growing on my clothes - or inside of my pantry. Shit.

It's also amazing to see how much money you can loose by just living. It's incredible to see how much the cost of just plain living has gotten so much more expensive.

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