Wednesday, March 02, 2005

not so good news now

My grandfather died this morning at 5 am. It was expected, but it is much harder than I thought it was going to be. I loved him dearly, and although it was difficult to watch him become a shadow of his former self, he was always (and as ever) a trooper. Or rather, specifically clear about what he wanted - whether it be his life or his death...always clear.

Anyway, I have already been to clean up his effects, and it was awful for me. I couldn't help but cry...its difficult when in my minds eye I still see him. It was also difficult to try and explain how 93 years of life gets distilled down to about 3 boxes of papers, pictures and artifacts. I suppose that close to the end you take only what you think you need, you leave behind the legal stuff for your family to deal with, and hope that you've made peace with yourself and your diety by the end. In fact I'm certian that he did.

Stubborn as ever, but as strong as they come, he left on his own time.

RIP: Abraham David Zadow b. 1911 - 2005