Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oy... its so beautiful it hurts

I feel an addiction coming on.....Tell me that an entire list of found, un-labeled pictures at your disposal just to try and name or create subplots and ideas about...

oh god it's really so beautiful it hurts.

There is the wonderful voyerstic peeping tom inside that make me bubble over with joy...just at all of these semi-stolen moments in time.

some other favorites...all SFW (safe for work) but not all make complete sense

1. toilet love?
2. equestrian bondage-a-go-go
3. a little too excited about going to the prom with Grandma
4. ad-nauseum
5. West-SIIIIDE - OG
6. breakfast of champions
7. I'm going to eat this guy, if I have to take another photo
8. sleepy snacktime

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