Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What I've been reading lately

And watching: 30 Days

Turns out that this stuff has come into my cross hairs. The fact that I have been considering quitting, well that has since changed. There has been alot that has forced me to take re-stock of who and what I am doing.

- it happens to everyone. The fact that the proletariat revolution feels like its never going to come... the fact that we all work our collective asses into the ground, and as a result the new monied classes have nothing more to do than to ride our broken backs all the way to the bank.

The last time it was this bad there was a movement. There was a new enlightenment. There was REVOLUTION!

So what's different?

The setting is right; we are in a strange war with an undefined purpose and no set ending date, we have the greatest disparity amoungst the socio-economic classes in the past 40 years, we have collective rage, we have the highest ratio of secondary educated individuals on the market but no jobs for them.

I don't know about you, but all the lying and stealing and the curroptness... how can it do nothing more but feed into itself. Now the president will announce an new Neo-Nazi Con for the open position on the supreme court to try and divert attention away from Rove and his bag o'tricks.

But the thing that kills me, is that it's going to work. I can see it happening (just like it happens a million times before) he'll make a primetime announcement (what say like his 30th in the whole fucking 6 years he's been in office) about the new potential pigeon for the seat... and it'll So positively contreversial to at least one liberal group...that it'll divert all the attention away from what's really going on....

we've been had.

Neo-con or neo-nazi... seems the same to me.

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Me said...

A friend's friend works in very very close contact to the president and he says that Karl Rove and Cheney run the country and that everyone in the white house is firmly behind Karl Rove. Rove isn't going anywhere. Bush is just saying shit now to divert attention away and look like he's doing something. Supreme Court Justice anyone?