Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i'm going on vacation.

Not that it should matter to YOU that much, but this weekend is a much deserved respite from the daily torture that I have to endure, called "my professional carrer" (pathetic as it may seem)
I've finished my classes for the seimester and am using the time that I have to enjoy something that I haven't in awhile.

The absence of electronic noise.

no electricity, no cell phones, no laptops, nothing requiring a battery. (except my car)

I forget from time to time how much I am plugged in and am so engulfed with living in a virtual world that I need to be reminded of why and how I AM supposed to live. So Off I go - to the wilderness. To be 'one' with nature, and to shit in the woods like a real woman. Don't worry kiddies, I should be back in about a weeks time... not that I've been updating this page a lot lately anyhow.

I'll have lots and lots of new pictures and stories to tell. I'll be certian to keep them all in order, and on point. (I'm going to go buy a moleskein today!)

happy travels.

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