Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Its more than a little scary. Which one is supposed to be the bastion of coture, fashion and all that is hip?

Paris Hilton, (or what I like to refer to as the denegration of all that the enlightened people of the world thought was beautiful.) is supposed to be the one we are to emulate, right? Or has this strange doppleganger finally revealed the truth about her untimely demise?

I've seen this movie, 'Party Monster' and it is an interesting tale of a normal kid, (from Ohio, or some other 'normal' state)who gets sucked into the New York Club Kid culture of the late 90's, goes to parties, does the drugs du-jour, contracts AIDS (i think), and inveitably kills the dealer.

If this should be the inevitable outcome of our lovely ms. hilton... well, I'm wondering if they'll sell tickets to that show. I'd want to be in the first row.

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