Friday, July 21, 2006

Cornrows to a job interview?

I got my hair done up yesterday, and as luck would have it I got a call today from the Gap corporation asking me for an interview on Monday. The job is within the corporate offices in downtown San Francisco.This is a white collar job and I had a question of the blogosphere.

Okay, so I know that I'm not supposed to work for the Gap. They are evil. They are multinational hell. Most important they are whitebread. As whitey-white bread milk-toast-ish as they can be. And that is not me. Never has been, never will be.

However...One very important point I need to make. I am unemployed. Been unemployed now for nearly 8 months. That said, I like money. Not that I am saying that I couldn't live without it, but lets be honest. Money does make things a whole heck of alot easier. That and I could really use some. Not a whole lot, just enough on a regular basis. What I am basically trying to say is that in the end, principles, morals and pride have very little bearing on your professional and fiscal future.

Now that I have made my point,What I am trying to so many words, should I take out my cornrows, a mere 4 days after having them put in for a face-to-face interview?

Okay, So I know that the next question you'll probably ask... well if you're out of work why in the hell did you get your hair done like that if you knew you were interviewing!?!?!
I'll accept that it seems like a frivilous thing to spend money on when you don't have work. Honestly? The money was a present. Plus, going to the hair salon was something I could do for myself. And I haven't done for myself in nearly 8 or 9 months since I quit my job to finish school. I think that I am allowed one or two frivilous items, considering that I haven't been shopping or bought many different odd and random things for myself in that time.

So now that I've answered that burning question, In your comment please state:
1. Yes - (take out cornrows) or No - (leave them in)
2. Your reason why. (breif... about 5 sentences or less...)

If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Just so you know, normally when I go to interviews I would pull my hair back into a bun(as it can sometimes be unruly) and wear nerdy/smart - looking glasses.

I'm just looking for some input. I figured that the blogosphere might have some good info.


>>Update: I ended up taking them down, anyway. so oh-well.


Ray said...

did you get the job?

Kira ZC said...

Actually I took the cornrows down before the interview. I asked around first to see what the environment was like - to see if they were subject to influences like appearance.

The carte-blanche answer was yes. Specifically physical appearance. And as I am 6 ft tall and I used to play college basketball - you can guess I'm not necessarily a demure but quietly intelligent-looking woman.

Regardless the interview went horribly. They wouldn't have been the right fit.

Ivory said...

Interesting that you took out your cornrows before your interview and that I am getting them FOR one. lol... I am in a similar situation with an upcoming interview with a mostly white huge corporation. Given that I have short tightly curly African hair(4 inches long when stretched out to full length), and that twisting the hair myself is tiresome and not quite as neat as cornrows, I decided to spend 60 bucks and have it cornrowed.

I honestly do not think that the interviewer should or will have a bias against this hairstyle as it is a very traditional African hairstyle and discriminating on this basis would be tantamount to discriminating a Sikh for wearing a turban, or a white woman for sporting her natural hair, or eye color.
If it doesn't work out, my hair will not be the reason for it... at least I hope so.