Tuesday, July 11, 2006

negligent in my blogger duities

Nothing to explain. Simply that I am lazy. (seems to be the standard explination lately)

You know when you have too much time and nothing gets done? exactly. I knew you knew me well.

Regardless, I finished school. Graduated. Offically. I am a mistress now. a professional mistress.
Unfortunately this means that I actually have to go and get a job. No more hiding out in school. Although the prospect of staying in school forever makes some sense. No? Nevertheless I have to learn how to take the psychological abuse of rejection that the working world seems to enjoy dolling out to me.

News: Mom got a new knee, and a new attitude adjustment. She's now a full fleged weenie. (not just a half...) and I am being the good daughter and calling her names and generally making her hate me. (ohh fun!)

I am still unemployed, but hopeful that my current economic state will not interefere in my lifelong desire to get a regular paycheck for investigating my navel. Maybe I'll become a writer.

No new political statements for inflaming the public, nor enticting riot. Although I haven't really been anything more than the apathetic middle class american who has been wooed by reality tv and ansetized by pop-cultre and the newest esteem shredding fashion trend.

ah. such is life. so indulgent.

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