Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm all about free...

This Friday in SF - there is going to be a jumbo-tron simulcast of SF Opera's Samson & Delilah.
Normally good seats at the War Memorial Opera House go for about $100 a piece.

And since I'm not well connected enough to know someone to get me in for free I thought it might be helpful to those of you who are artistically inclined - but are too cheap (read poor) to support the arts to the degree you'd like to.

So this shindig is free. All you need to do is show. Be artsy - all while chugging a beer and chowing down on a good 'ol park dog. Ahh... the most excellent mixture of high refinement and regular relaxation... Personally I think that "classical" art forms would be better appreciated if they'd simply let us arrive in our Sunday morning attire.

the deets: Samson and Delilah @ AT&T park Friday night (9/28/07) 7 pm Price: FREE
The link: http://sfopera.com/news.asp

Here's for free! anything...

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