Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the things people say - when its collected anonymously

For those of you who don't know, I work for an Online travel website. Part of the deal is that they send out anonymous surveys to their customer soliciting feedback about their recent stays. Sometimes people use these anonymous surveys about their travel to provide some very witty feedback about the condition and quality of their stay, here is a recent collection of the more colorful ones. (You should try to guess which one is my favorite...)
  • Closet opening was barely 15" to 18". Making it very difficult to get your upper body into the closet to see & work behind the door.
    • okay this one - i just really don't understand why you'd need to get your upper torso into a closet? what in the heck are you doing in there?

  • Bed was very lumpy & noisey, making it impossible for you & your spouse to enjoy love making for fear of broadcasting to all the neighbors.
    • This could be on the amenities list for the local hanky-panky spot, no?

  • Amenities:you have to be hip enough to go to those bars in the hotel which is ridiculous everyone who stays at the hotel should have access.
    • Can I get an Amen?

  • I would not use the sink to wash a dog.
    • Why would you care to? But points for the colorful & creative description.

  • Other:Room had view of methane flame burning from the city dump located across the street.
    • Wait, isn't that an attraction?
    • If you've got kids - this could have been part of the all-inclusive kid-friendly package , no? ;-)

  • Service Quality:There was a young kid that should have been working at McDonalds training another kid that should have been in REHAB!

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