Monday, July 07, 2008


I cannot be held responsible for my:
  • blatant disregard for gravity.
  • painful displays of public loudness.
  • outbursts of impertinent nature.
  • expelling of internal organs on the sidewalk.
  • whiplash mood swings.
  • potential fondling of inanimate objects.
  • inappropriate announcements of undying affection to strangers.
I do accept full responsibility for:
  • The humming vibration of pain coming from my eyelashes.
  • The taste in my mouth that makes me believe that I made-out with the business end of a sheepdog.
  • The embarrassing stories that are inevitably going to come forward about all above stated disclaimers.
  • The fact that I drank like a 20-something, while obviously a 30-something.
  • I knew I had to go to work today, and actually work - but did it anyway.
All that said - thank you to my friends for coming out and participating in my painful dissent into public displays of drunken-ness. It was a rare one - but I think (as I can't say I rightly remember) that we all had a good time. And we should go back again... next week, and do it all over - as the rest of the day was still a win (at least for me...)

I'm never drinking again.

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