Tuesday, July 01, 2008

From the tortured souls who are addicted:

To Xbox 360…..

I know I suffer myself.
My loved one has fallen prey to the horrible green glow of the monster that is Xbox 360. He is unfortunately not alone. I suspect that it may be a family trait, as his often calm cousin has also succumbed to the horror himself.
Although there is a glimmer of hope as at least his cousin has managed to wrangle himself from the grips of the monster. Despite his near lapse - he is still '360 free' after 21 days.
Hereafter is his account of his encounter:
"Hi my name is Sterling and I have gone 21 days with playing the 360.
I almost had a relapse last night. But I fought the temptation. The 360's siren call had me in it's grasp, I had the hard supple plastic of the wireless controller in my hand and it felt good. The green glow of the 360 powering up had me hypnotized. Then the power went out. "
Thank god for poor power connections (and the over use of power strips in an old house… )

1 comment:

Sterling said...

Let's not forget that the person publishing this blog, has been seduced by the ever calling green glow of the 360. This blogger has been entraced by a certain Super soldier, that stands 7ft tall and goes by the name of Mater Chief(she is cheating on you cousin). Ever since she looked into his amber colored facesheild, the 360 controller has become her virtual IV for when nobody is looking, and it transplants her to her happy place called SLAYER.