Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Holy lord in heaven

Do you believe this? I heard about this originally on a conservative radio show "Marketplace" (on PRI)
The story was about how Neo-con Lobbyist Ed Rogers (and major contributor to the McCain campaign) lives unlike anyone I know...(that and the fact that he thinks so little of the currency that barely keeps the rest of us afloat

Yes... that is an actual sheet of dollar bills below her... she uses them to wrap presents for her friends...


He should be worried... tis a freakin federal offense to deface the $$ (at least at this level, and on national TV... did I mention that this was on NBC?)

Yah... makes me sick to my stomach as well...all for a present...

I had to include a link:
so you can see your yourself her glee at being able to wrap presents in the american dollar.

I found this & too it from

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