Friday, August 15, 2008


i am beginning to realize that organizing large groups of people to converge into any one location is kind of terrifying, and exhausing at the same time. I have no idea how or why so many people do this.

That and I also want to say that I am absolutely in the wrong business. I need to be in the wedding it is truly that - an industry. Everyone told me that I would get taken, but I thought that I did my research and was prepared. I wasn't. Effing thieves. The lot of them. And they prey on your naivete and the story-book wedding that you are told from the get-go that you are supposed to have.

ugh. All I wanted was a nice day in the outdoors. Hopefully with family and friends.

whatever...It alternately pisses me off and gives me nigh terrors. I hate the fact that one day should mean so much. And the effed up truth of the situation is that most guests wont care if its storybook or if its gunshot. Its maybe 3-4 hours out of their normal routine and the come, celebrate, then leave...

when did this all turn into such a circus?

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