Friday, November 14, 2008

hee... so true!

We've gotten some interesting gifts - but by far and away we were both overwhelmed not only byt the volume, but also by the care and thoughtful-ness.

that said...there were a couple of ringers.

You know the ones where you sit and scratch your head in wonder. Sometimes you even blurt out loud... "what were they thinking?" or "did they really spend money on that? For us?!?!"

One of the ringers is a painting. you can see that it was a carefully chosen painting, and there is probably a deeper meaning to it, but Obviously I'm too dim to get it. It is truly unexpected. It has two deer in the painting of electro-shock pink and blue, against a field of melting snow. It's certinaly noticeable.

then the piece-de-resistance



and the interesting part...aside from it being in technocolor and existing (which should be enough) it is a limited edition collectors item.

and they paid a sizeable amount of money for it.

The kicker - the place where they bought it from - I would likely never shop there. So now...well... I've got an interesting addition for my home of a "limited edition "grateful dead cookie jar.

I'm glad that I'm so well loved. (i think.)

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