Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Being cynical...I'm tempered with my response to what happened yesterday.


It's feeling more and more like a loaded deck. It's the win 'we' wanted (not the royal 'we' more of the proletariat 'we') but it feels a little vacant. It isn't that Barak Hussein Obama is not the right person for the job... that I don't and can't know for some time, its more about the 'historic' aspect of his win.

Yes, it's racial. No denying that. Yes it's historical - nearly 475 years in the making. But it may be that it wasn't a 'true' win. "They", and by "they" I mean the entitled, entrenched and enfranchised elitist oligarchs which comprise 25% of the population - i.e. whitey, didn't vote for Barak Hussein Obama because they really wanted to. He was only the lesser of two evils.

Deal with the devil you know...and the devil we know is so bad, I suspect that people were willing to deal with the unknown. Now what that means... I'm not sure. Its more of a conciliatory gesture. Not on where I feel like 'Yeah - I want this!!' That "they" are voting for Obama because they really want this...

but I'm cynical. I hope I'm wrong.

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