Friday, August 22, 2003

okay, so it's been awhile. So I've been down in the dumps for a bit. But that's acceptable. No work, no love, no money and no perceptable future. That would get anyone down.

- so now that things have turned around I'm determined to make the most of what I've got. IT'S a JOB!!! yes a brand spanking new job, doing exactly what I was doing before, and for the same pay, minus benefits and minus travel. Which is not such a bad thing. This could definetly make me tired after several years of being on the run...made me feel like I was on the run from the law, or something. Now the downside of this wonderful news means that I have to get my act together and start all over. I have to get up early and drag my lazy butt an hour away from home to get my money on. oh well. That and the good thing is that I also have to learn all about more software programs and learn how to disseminate them to others.

SO this will definietly be interesting if only because there is suddenly so much more for me to do. Classes, Work, Driving about 80 miles a day...ugh. Is it worth it? well when you don't have work, (or money for that matter) it's worth it. You make it worth it. I'm going to have to get used to working again. 6 months of sleeping in and lazying about have now ended and I have to get back on schedule. With everthing. It also means no more mid week vacations to anywhere.

Its good news, really. So why am I trying to convince myself that it is?

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