Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Week 1 and a half completed...and already I'm sick as dog. I caught a cold the VERY first week that I was at my office. ugh. It was a head cold and has now culminated into a chest cold...meaning that I've managed to cough away my voice. Christ. Things could not have had a more awful beginning.

Truthfully the job seems great sofar. But as a temp I'm treated as a temp and all of the other super-imposed sterotypes that go along with being a temp. I don't have access to files that I'll need in order to do the work that's been asked of me. I can't assist because I don't have access to the directories that I do need access to in order for me to assist...the list goes on and on.

it could make a girls frustrated. But why? 'Cause I'm a temp...I'm really only going to be here for a few more months...I can tough it out.

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