Thursday, January 06, 2005

Google Search: zuleka

Google Search: zuleka

I was more than a little surprized to find that when you search for my alias on-line, the very first hit is for erotic sculpture. The image is of a young girl bound and gagged lying on her side. Now I can understand that this may be of interest to some of you, but not to me. (just wanted to get that out there)

Nevermind the fact that Zuleka also pulls up 828 hits ( and I'm #3) Bondage a-go-go, never thought that'd be associated to me.

who knew I was so kinky?

UPDATE: I did a search for my first name, and came up with 2,370,000 hits. And of course, there is porn. and Japanese Anime. Strange for a name that means "bright light" or "twinkling lights"


D.T. said...

What a weird thing to be associated with...

Anyhoo, can I ask where you got the alias name Zuleka? It's so out there, so I'm just curious.

kizzy said...

part of my first name. My parents couldn't agree so I have two first names. Kira Zuleka. I kinda like Xuleka simply because it sounds more exotic than Lira.