Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Holidays

So I got back from a nice warm holiday trip...only to be returned to the cold. It's nice to be reminded that I live in a cold weather climate. Ahh... it was nice - if only for awhile to be somewhere warm. I even got a little 'caramel-ly' since I can't really truly brown.

Now that I'm back - and thrust right back into the whole lovely spinning, whirling abyss...I am reminded of how really behind the curve I am. It's surprizing to imagine that 6 days without internet connectivity and already I feel more than a little out of touch. That and I find that all of the blogs that I've normally frequented have only become more popular since I've last seen them ...all six days ago.

That and I've been drastically trying to find out more information about friends and family whom were vacationing in Sri Lanka and Thailand. So far nearly everyone I know directly is accounted for, but there are still others (friends of friends) whom are still missing. It's good to know that the blogsphere is a place where information flows freely - and quickly - about whom, what and where. Thankfully within hours I was able to get confirmation that everyone was okay. It's reassuring.


D.T. said...

Hey Kizzy! Glad that youre back safe and sound! And I hope that the same goes to all your loved ones who were in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

kizzy said...

Thankfully I have everyone of my 'extended' family has been accounted for. I am more concerned about the remaning people whom are missing.

I do pray for them. I pray for us all.