Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm tired of this

You know that tired feeling. I call it the mid-winter slump. Tired of the weather, tired of the drudgery, just generally tired of it being anything but what you'd really prefer to be doing.

I bring it up, because a good friend just ended her lucrative contract with a big kitchen utensil retail company. Instead of being upset by it, managed instead to turn it into a positive thing. She's going to europe for two weeks to be with friends, then when she comes back, will start a new job with a huge medical corporation. It's been called low-intesity combat.

I guess that I'm saying that I'm really missing being a contractor. I get to go whenever I want, and there is no love-loss because I don't have to buy into the b-s that is corporate culture within a company. I suppose that it could also be that long dark days are starting to give way to more light. I think it may be me just trying to shed my winter coat and inside I'm aching for the spring to come around.

It could also be that I'm not made out for the office cube life. I happen to think that no one is really made for the cubicle lifestyle. "The Office life." It doesn't really feel like much of a life. You talk to any person in almost any other country (with the exception of western europe) and they think what we do is silly. Ridiculious even. Living does not require that you are able to sit on your ass for 8 hours straight. Humans weren't built for that. Subsitence farming, living life on a smaller scale, it just seems to make so much more sense. Much more sense than trying to "look busy" while sitting, stairing blankly at my computer.

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