Sunday, February 20, 2005

ComicCon - SF

So for all of those of you who care to know. You'll get the once in a life time opportunity to go and see my daddy, Don Pedro Colley, and possibly acquire a private stock edition of THX1138 from him in person!!!

***** shameless plug

Aside from that, my dad is visiting for the Comicon convention. It should be really "interesting" I have to admit that when I went last year I got a little freaked out by all of the "kids" in costume. It was a little freaky to be honest when walking through the giant Moscone mall seeing a 20-something Amazoinan woman dressed all in blue, and had blue facepaint (all over - literally all over....) So go and see him.... okay. and buy his stuff. and tell him how much you love his daughter!

1 comment:

D.T. said...

Shut up...Don Pedro Colley is not yo daddy...LOL...but ok, well, since you did shamelessly pull a plug, I'll go buy a stock!