Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another example of SF's Bad ideas....

I was out bar hopping last night, and while crossing Fulton St. was struck dumb by this horrible sight. Now I don't know if the real horror of this comes across as viscerally as it does in person. So, if you get the chance and you live in San Francisco - drive by and laugh/cry/ scratch your head at the 'genius' who decided that it would be a lovely valentine treat to bathe San Francicos City Hall in red back lighting.

Now normally this is a good idea for modern - like structures. there are many examples of this being well applied. As an example - the Empire state building... Now notice that the choice of lighting makes a very impressive image on the skyline. Part of the reason why is that it is a simple modern structure that emphasizes the poweful straight lines that reach to the sky. It does look strangely like it's right out of Fritz Lang's Metropolis... Yet it is still an impressive building. The lighting in this case, is an example of lighting that is used effectively to draw attention to the angular nature that is skyscrapers.

My point? Neo - classical buildings built in the gothic style, should NOT be bathed in red lights! It is the farthest thing from romantic. I say that I was dumbstruck when I saw it, truth be told I jumped a little when I did see it. For a minute I though that maybe I should run to the closest Church and have them douse me in Holy water.

If anything, red lighting on City hall makes it look like it's been attacked by Vampires, or blood hungry seer-suckers who are out to bleed the city of San Francisco dry.

wait a minute... it's city hall. I suppose they already are. Nevermind.

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D.T. said...

OMG! That is scary!!!

It's as if the walls are bleeding or something...