Thursday, December 19, 2002

I only mention it here, because there are times in our lives when our brains can trick us into believing in something so much that we can delude ourselves into "feeling" it. But this dream was so vivid. It was unreal how I could feel myself walking, talking, moving through space. Through a space that I have never been in before, nor likely will ever see. It is possible that it was just my mind trying to re-hash old memories, but at the same time it was more than a memory. My senses were involved to the point that I could smell the musty room, I could tell you now in explicit detail the colors of the walls, the feel of the carpet under my feet.

It was more like a premonition of what I'd like to have happen. But I'm not beyond saying that I've had dreams like this before, and they were premonitions about specific times, places and people. I normally don't subscribe to "sixth sense" BS, but it's been happening to me more and more frequently. It was especially odd when I "knew" that I'd meet one of my very best friends before I ever knew of her. It could explain how we became such good friends so quickly. hmmm.

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