Thursday, December 05, 2002

OKay, Travel has its way with me yet again.
1. I must mention that I normally love the southwest, (As I can be considered almost part of it.)
2. Arizona is a lovely state, geographically and topographically
3. Phoenix is hell.

Not to be unfair to those friends of mine who do live there, I will admit to having a cold and that my reasons for visiting Phoenix were not for pleasure. Had they been, I might most assuredly had a better time. However I was in the said "hell" for business and as such that means that my abilities to live it up are limited to what I can eek out of my time after 8 + hours in a glass and steel monolith. Needless to say...I was indoors and suffered at the hands of modern science. *read as: I hate Air Conditioning Aside from that Phoenix (which I do regard as a lovely town) looked more and more like the "Pure Hell Hole" that is Los Angeles. Smog and Heat only functioning to provide stunning sunsets which blaze across the setting sky.

All that said..the trip went well. I now have a head cold and skin cancer.*

just joking 'bout the skin don't crack. and thankfully rarely burns.

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